Earlier on Japan was set to join Macau and the US in the gambling hierarchy. Japan’s grand debut into their first casino resort would officially open as early as 2020. This also happens to be the year for the country’s hosting the Olympics.

It took a while for the Japanese legislators to officially start their debates on the country’s casino study bill. The atmosphere suggested that it may be possible that it will pass this year. The current session of parliament wrapped up on Sunday, June 22, 2014. All casino supporters are entitled to vote on the bill before that time only to keep it on the agenda for the short session that commences in late September or early October.

On Wednesday, the casino bill started its decisive way to make its long awaited debut in the Japanese legislature’s lower house. Mr. H. Hosoda, a member of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), told Bloomberg News that the plan was to pass the bill at the beginning of the fall session, to then enact it without fail in the upper house.

On Thursday, Mr. Y. Kondo Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) Lawmaker is not against the idea of casino developments, but, nonetheless, it does represent “a very important piece of legislation” that must be “discussed thoroughly.”

At the time, the main issue that may inhibit Tokyo’s role in the possible casino overture was the 2020 Olympic Games. It was understood that officials in the city will be busy planning the event and their attention will likely to be diverted feeling that a Casino resort investment will not be their first priority when the eyes of all the world will be on the Olympics.

But, after a few thoughts on a serious side, Mr. M. Hamachi, a member of the Komeito party and of the committee overseeing the study bill debate is confident that if a vote was held in the fall session that majority would be in favour.

In order to implement the casino resort development, only the passage of the casino study bill will permit it to become realistic. All casino operators were hoping the nation’s first casino resort would open to welcome tourists as they arrive to Japan for the 2020 Olympic Games, and while that’s still reasonably possible, very few are pessimistic.

It seems like many will be holding their breaths awaiting decisions and votes from the officials and all parties involved.

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