If you love all kinds of gambling and not just poker, you will glad to hear of the latest news that one of the worlds leading poker sites has delved into the world of casino based action too.

Full Tilt Poker has recently extended their offerings on the casino tab of their online poker client to include some new casino games. They first starting implementing casino games back in January when they added blackjack and roulette and after seeing how they did have now added a few extra.

The first two games have been undergoing testing in selected markets across the globe; this has been done in countries such as the UK and has seen some positive results thus far.

There are eight new games in total that have been added to the Full Tilt Poker site, with each of them now being available in selected regions by clicking the casino tab on the client. The games are slot based games and have been provided through a partnership with Leander Games.

This is the first time in history that the Rational Group, the parent company of both Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars has ever collaborated with a third party for any of their products. In the past they have done everything else themselves but felt the need to draw on some experience from the online casino world, simply because it is an area that they have never stepped foot into before.

Full Tilt Poker is also planning more expansions for its casino client in the coming months and years and has even hinted that it could go into the sports betting market at some point. They intend to concentrate also on their mobile offerings, believing that online gambling is headed in that direction due to the explosion of affordable smart phones and tablets on the market.

PokerStars however is deemed to be a poker client only. The Rational Group has always said that since they purchased Full Tilt Poker, they will be trying new things with the site whilst keeping PokerStars as its number one poker client.

We await in anticipation of what else Full Tilt Poker will offer as far as its casino offerings go, yet we fully expect their latest expansions to prove just as successful as the last ones implement earlier on in the year.

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