Monday night was a crazy night for basketball. Duke stormed back to take down Wisconsin in the NCAA Men’s title game, while the Nets held serve at home against Portland in the only NBA contest of the night. Perhaps that had something to do with March Madness coming to an end and the 2015 MLB season getting started.

The NBA is back in full swing on Tuesday night, though, as fans and NBA bettors alike are graced with a nice six-game slate. We correctly picked the Nets over the Blazers last night and march into the fire with our stout 677-344 season record:

Suns @ Hawks

The only trick to this game is that ATL could rest or limit a good amount of their players, as they’ve been doing for a while now. While that’s possible, they are still at home and the Suns have nothing to play for. Atlanta should get the win at home, where they rarely lose.

Pick: Hawks 107, Suns 101

Hornets @ Heat

Miami could be at full strength tonight and they’re at home, while Al Jefferson should remain out due to a balky knee. If he suits up the Hornets would have a slight chance here, but Miami near 100% at home could be too much.

Pick: Heat 103, Hornets 98

Warriors @ Pelicans

Anthony Davis was awesome against the Warriors last time out and the Pelicans have a ton to play for, so it’s hard not to give New Orleans a chance tonight. That being said, the Warriors are the best team in the league and they just got destroyed by the Spurs. They’ll be out for blood.

Pick: Warriors 108, Pellies 102

Spurs @ Thunder

San Antonio has turned back the clock lately and will stroll into OKC with seven straight wins. Russell Westbrook has been great but it’s just him and Enes Kanter these days. The Spurs still have a shot at their division and the #2 seed in the West, so they are going to have their eyes on the prize tonight.

Pick: Spurs 106, Thunder 104

Timberwolves @ Kings

DeMarcus Cousins will fear no one on the T’Wolves down low tonight, while Rudy Gay (pictured) may also work his way back from a concussion. Now is a good time to bet on the Kings snapping an ugly five-game skid.

Pick: Kings 109, Timberwolves 103

Lakers @ Clippers

The Clippers demolished the Lakers in their last game and there’s little reason to think tonight’s end result will be much different.

Pick: Clips 116, Lakers 94

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