The Oakland Raiders drafted Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr to be the future at the quarterback position in the 2014 NFL Draft. It turns out the future could be coming right away this season.

Despite trading for former Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub to seemingly hold down the starting gig for 2014, reports suggest Carr could push to start as early as week one.

It was reported just a few weeks ago that Oakland had every intention of sitting Carr during his rookie season, but’s Albert Breer is now reporting that Carr has done enough to convince the Raiders’ brass that he could see the field early in 2014.

It still will likely take a near face-plant by Schaub over the course of the summer for Carr to even have a remote chance, as well as impressive play by the rookie.

In fact, even if Schaub shows well in preseason, a rough start combined with losses early in the year could lead to Carr taking the field well before mid-season.

Both Schaub seeing a nose dive and Carr impressing are entirely realistic possibilities. Schaub caved under pressure and a litany of pick-sixes with the Texans in 2013, while Carr has exhibited the talent to develop into a true franchise passer.

The Raiders drafted him with the intention of that taking place over time, but early signs show Carr’s intriguing combination of size, athleticism and arm strength could translate to early NFL success.

On top of Carr’s physical talents, however, the Raiders have noticed he seems to have the intelligence and leadership to play a key role from day one.

Carr could still see a long road to proving he was worth an early second-round draft pick, but the door appears wide open to him getting an early start. Now he just needs to go out and prove he’s ready.

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