Dale Philip, A.K.A. Daleroxxu, was dropped from PokerStars this week following a display during a soccer match during which Philip was excessively celebrating. Daleroxxu was in Spain for Estrellas Poker Tour Marbellav representing PokerStars and was watching the soccer tournament between Spain and Holland.

What Happened According to Daleroxxu

According to Daleroxxu’s personal blog, the Spanish people, who were also watching in the same venue as Daleroxxu, were celebrating wildly when Spain scored. When Holland, Delleroxxu’s favorite team, scored, Daleroxxu celebrated in turn, doing what he describes on his personal blog as a “get it round ye” gesture, or a “take that!” gesture common in Scotland, where he is from, in which he was thrusting his hips at the Spaniards. While he did not find it vulgar, they did.

Daleroxxu also posted a video of his actions on his blog. When Spain scored again they surrounded him and one of them invaded his personal space. Daleroxxu complains that there was no video recorded of their behavior. A complaint was submitted with the Spanish PokerStars tour manager by them regarding Daleroxxu’s behavior, after which Daleroxxu’s sponsorship was terminated. When visiting PokerStars website, one can find that Daleroxxu is no longer listed as a player.

The Ensuing Twitter Storm

Following the match, choice words between Philip and Spanish professional poker player Alex Hernando, ensued over Twitter, with Hernando reminding Philip of the fact that he was representing PokerStars with his actions. In the end Philip tweeted back to Alex Hernando, saying that he was sorry and that his intentions were to have fun and not offend.

UK poker players, as well as the general poker community disagree with PokerStars’ decision. There has been a Twitter storm of enragement at Daleroxxu’s firing, with many people taking Philips’ side, and comments degrading PokerStars for its action. One user tweeted: “Bizarre decision from @pokerstars to dump one of their most active & engaging pros @daleroxxu i hope they reconsider” another said : “We fully support @Daleroxxu  Very admirable person all around and positive role model for @PokerStars.” Others have commented that they would be terminating their PokerStars accounts.

Daleroxxu’s History

Daleroxxu has been playing poker for more than half a decade, having quit an IT job for a large financial company; he was not satisfied with his job. He began playing poker full time when he realized that he was making more money playing poker after work than at the office. He played it smart, playing for smaller pots at sit and go games, instead of the more risky venues online, and made five figures a month.

His poker career really took off when he won the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker in 2006. Daleroxxu was sponsored by PokerStars for the Tour of Cards in which he would travel to 52 countries, one each week of the year, to play poker.

Philip has had a big impact on the Scottish poker community; turning clubs with poor gamblers into legitimate groups of players who are serious about the game, and increasing the standards of card rooms and casinos.

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