Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers should be worried about his team winning game five in their first round playoff series against the Golden State Warriors. Instead, he’s more concerned about his team’s owner, as well as his own future with the team he was traded to from the Boston Celtics this past off-season.

The news of Clippers owner Donald Sterling being recorded making racist remarks about African Americans has already made waves. The Clippers reportedly even contemplated boycotting their game four showdown with the Warriors, but ultimately took the removal of jackets donning their team name before the start of game four as their act of defiance.

As things stand, it doesn’t appear the NBA can force Sterling to sell the team despite his crude remarks, which has apparently placed a cloud of doubt over the Clippers. That’s clearly been the case for the players and in general, but when asked about his own future with the franchise, Rivers was unsure, saying, “Don’t know yet”.

It could be a remarkable turn of events for Los Angeles, who traded for Rivers in a blockbuster deal with the Celtics and then signed him to a $21 million, three-year deal.

However, Rivers is clearly not comfortable working for an owner who seemingly looks down on African Americans and has negative racial views. As an African American himself, Rivers has been visibly shaken and disgusted, saying, “I don’t know if home is a safe haven anymore”, when asked about the Clips’ game five showdown with Golden State in Los Angeles.

For what it’s worth, Rivers and the Clippers won’t have to worry about running into Sterling at the Staples Center, as the NBA owner is expected to be fined and suspended from league activities.

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