Poker player’s the world over dream of than winning themselves a World Series of Poker bracelet. If there is anything they want more than anything, it is that. A WSOP bracelet is a label that you are among the best poker players in the world.

Some players go onto take multiple bracelets but it is always the first one that is regarded as the most special.

Kyle Cartwright has recently achieved that special first WSOP bracelet after winning Event #4 at this year’s World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. The event was a $1,000 No Limit Hold ’em affair that played out for three days.

On that third and final day there were just 12 players left with him among them and he slowly but surely started moving up the rankings. One by one the other player’s fell before he found himself in a heads up situation with Jason Paster for the title.

Once this session got underway he already had an advantage in chips over his opponent and the result never looked like going any other way. It did not take too long either as after just a few hands into that session he was declared the winner and new owner of $360,435 and a shiny new World Series of Poker bracelet.

That marks his very first bracelet and now that he has that one in the books he will be looking to try and win more throughout his career.

Paster will be disappointed that he lost out on the bracelet but will be happy enough with his $223,518 payout for finishing as runner up in the event. Others that made good scores on that final table included Ylon Schwartz and Daniel Dizenzo who scooped $157,926 and $113,550 respectively.

We are just a week into the World Series of Poker and have another five to go, so there are going to be a shed load more bracelet winners to come. The question is, just who are going to be the players to win them? Are we going to have more new winners such as Cartwright or are we going to see some of the more established names added them to their collections.

The Final Rankings

Kyle Cartwright —- $360,435

Jason Paster —- $223,518

Ylon Schwartz —- $157,926

Daniel Dizenzo —- $113,550

Matthew O’Donnell —- $82,726

Jeremy Dresch —- $61,068

Robert Kuhn —- $45,656

Ken Weinstein —- $34,567

Michael Sortino —- $26,501

Steve Chanthabouasy —- $20,556

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