The Chicago Bulls know they need offense. The only question is, how do they go about getting it? Welcoming back star point guard Derrick Rose at first health is probably a great start, while picking up some help in free agency or a trade would bring the offense up another level.

Chicago has long been rumored to be interested in New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony. However, with the possibility of bringing him on growing slimmer by the day, the Bulls may have their sights turned toward more realistic potential additions. Orlando Magic shooting guard Arron Afflalo may fit the bill.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Chicago knows it still needs outside shooting and overall scoring, and could probably get Afflalo without giving up too much in a deal with the Magic. Afflalo averaged a career high 18.2 points per game for a bad Magic team a year ago, and reportedly has been open to being traded away from a losing club.

Ideally, Afflalo would at the very worst provide timely outside shooting, solid defense and an extra scoring presence to help the offense flow better. At best, he gives the Bulls an added offensive boost without them missing a step on defense.

This potential move still doesn’t destroy the chances of the Bulls landing Melo, but it certainly complicates matter. Chicago would still have to find someone to take on Carlos Boozer’s massive deal, while also let talented big man Taj Gibson go for almost nothing. With those two obstacles looking quite difficult, landing Afflalo would at least help the Bulls make an upgrade and get a little bit closer where they want to be.

With that being said, Afflalo is a bit of a hot commodity as the 2015 NBA Draft inches closer. A lot of NBA teams wouldn’t mind his quality offense, while his high character can also assist in building chemistry and better team play in the locker room.

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