The 2015 NBA Finals haven’t even gotten started yet and other NBA teams are already planning their futures. That seems to be necessary if the team that aren’t playing in the final series of the NBA season want to change that, come next season. The Chicago Bulls have been one of those active teams, as they decided to cut loose head coach Tom Thibodeau last week and now have finally come to terms with his long-term replacement.

Per reports, the Bulls have decided on former Iowa State head coach and NBA player Fred Hoiberg, who agreed to a five-year, $25 million deal.

Youth Movement

Hoiberg is next in a long line of young coaching hires that include big names like Brian Shaw, Derek Fisher, Jason Kidd and Steve Kerr. Shaw has since been fired after joining the Denver Nuggets only a few years ago, Fisher suffered through a rough first season with the New York Knicks and Jason Kidd has coached two different teams in his first two seasons as a coach. He did, however, lead both to the playoffs and may be the best of the crop of young coaches. Kerr isn’t necessarily young by coaching standards, but was signed on as a rookie coach with the Golden State Warriors, who are now playing for the 2015 NBA Finals in his very first season.

It’s possible the Bulls could be following a similar recipe, and trying to land elite coaching talent before it’s molded by someone or something else. That could work out in Hoiberg’s case when you look at his recent resume, or it could backfire horribly.

Hoiberg’s Resume

Hoiberg wrapped up a solid five-year run at Iowa State, where he also spent his college career. During that time Hoiberg’s teams were known for their up-tempo and efficient offenses and Hoiberg displayed sound in-game management and an ability to get through to his players in crunch time. Hoiberg’s Cyclones progressed ever season he was at the helm, as they cracked the Men’s NCAA tourney in his final four years and even advanced to the Sweet Sixteen in 2013.

While Hoiberg’s coaching looks spot on, his playing days (with the Bulls, among other teams) showcased what kind of coach he would set out to be. Hoiberg became known for his hustle play and even developed into a lights out three-point specialist. Hoiberg spent time with the Bulls from 1999-2003 before retiring with the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2005.

Finals Bound?

We know Hoiberg can coach at the college level and at 42 years old, he’s a solid investment for the future for a Bulls franchise that was looking for a quality, long-term answer. The big question is if his coaching will translate to the NBA level and whether his new team will buy into his system. Obviously Chicago believes this will happen, and if it does, Hoiberg could easily turn into another success story when it comes to rookie coaches. Chicago is built to make title runs, after all, as they boast a studly starting five featuring Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler, Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah. There could be change in that unit and the overall roster before the 2015-16 NBA season hits, but if it works off the signing of Hoiberg, it might be for the best.

There is no telling if Hoiberg will come in and be the next Kidd or Kerr and lead his team to the playoffs or further. However, the Bulls had clearly plateaued with Thibodeau and the time to move on had come. It seems the Bulls found a more than suitable replacement and from here all they can do is surround him with a team that can win.

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