The Denver Broncos are wisely trying to preserve their elite offense. According to USA Today, Broncos GM John Elway has said that the team plans on continuing to try to nail down long-term contract agreements with superstar wide receiver Demaryius Thomas and emerging tight end Julius Thomas.

“Nothing is going to get done before camp,” Elway admitted. “But we’ll keep talking to them in camp…After the second week of the preseason, we’ll want to have had something done, one way or another.”

Elway is taking the relaxed approach, which is probably wise in this case, as Denver has two very talented weapons they’ll want to keep around for years to come. Both players are set to enter contract seasons, but reports suggest the Broncos are completely content letting both players play out the final season of their rookie deals if no agreements can be met prior to the season.

Denver has made two things very clear: that they want to keep both of their young offensive talents, but they’re not willing to let negotiations become a distraction. Elway has also already been public about Julius Thomas not getting “Jimmy Graham money”, suggesting Graham remains on a whole different level and has proven his worth over time.

“Even though Julius [Thomas] had a tremendous year for us, he’s only (played) 23 games.” Elway said.

In other words, even if it wasn’t already obvious, the team would be much more likely to bend to appease Demaryius Thomas, who is the better talent and has actually put up elite numbers in back to back seasons.

That’s not to knock what Thomas has done, as Thomas busted out in week one of last year with over 100 receiving yards and two touchdowns, ultimately ending his breakout year with 12 scores.

Denver wants to see him do it again before committing big money to him. That, or they’d like to secure him for several seasons and see if he keeps playing at a high level. If he does, it could lead to a future long-term deal worth more money.

Signing both passing weapons should be made possible thanks to the team opting not to bring back Knowshon Moreno or Eric Decker during free agency this past offseason, while the Broncos are also expected to let 2015 free agent Wes Welker walk, as well.

For now it’s a waiting game, but it at least clear Denver fully intends to make sure two of the NFL’s best talents at their respective positions will remain with the Broncos.

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