The Cleveland Browns signed former Houston Texans running back Ben Tate earlier this off-season, hoping his long history of injuries wouldn’t be an issue once he played for them. They might be regretting that decision.

Just one week into the season, the oft-injured Tate is already banged up with a knee injury and will sit out the second week of the year. Tate was injured early in Cleveland’s week one battle with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and could not return. While there isn’t much specific information being revealed about the extent of Tate’s knee injury, Tate himself has said that the injury is “not that serious”. Head coach Mike Pettine already ruled him out for week two, though, and suggested it could be a multi-week injury. Others have already speculated that Tate could miss an additional 3-4 weeks, if not longer.

Tate looked solid during his short time on the field in week one, as he put up 41 yards on just six carries against a solid Steelers front line.

The Browns may also simply be exercising caution with Tate, as he remains their best, most complete running back. Making sure he can get back to 100% is key, and Cleveland could just be playing it safe for now. The fact that backups Terrance West and Isaiah Crowell both performed admirably in their week one comeback loss could have played into the decision to let Tate rest.

Odds are, however, that it’s merely a combination of both notions. Tate has a legit (though nondescript) knee issue, but he also has two competent and talented guys behind him that the Browns don’t mind rolling with for as long as they have to. Just how long they have to do that remains to be seen, but for now it looks like West will start and Crowell will rotate in to help Cleveland’s rushing attack remain a big piece of the offensive game plan.

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