The hits just keep on coming for Aaron Hernandez, don’t they? Already in jail awaiting trial for the murder of Odin Lloyd in an industrial park last summer, the former New England Patriots star tight end has now been formally indicted for killing two men in May of 2012.

Hernandez’s motive for killing Lloyd initially was believed to have something to do with covering up this double homicide. The fact that Hernandez is now being charged with the murders furthers the theory that he set to and in fact did kill Lloyd because he knew something and was afraid he would “talk”.

The two men Hernandez is believed to have gunned down in May of 2012 are Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado. Per the Boston Globe, the two were stopped at traffic light when Hernandez shot them.

Per reports, Hernandez met the two victims on a chance encounter at a Boston nightclub and later followed them in his car. Hernandez then allegedly pulled up next to the men in his car and fired multiple shots, killing Abreu and Furtado, while injuring a third unidentified man.

Police were able to recover the murder weapon and the vehicle Hernandez had been driving.

The same cannot be said for the murder weapon used in the killing of Odin Lloyd, while the two cases have yet to be officially linked together, as well.

The investigation into the deaths of Abreu and Furtado had previously be put on hold with no real leads, until Hernandez popped up as a suspect for the murder of Lloyd. The irony is that it unfortunately took the death of Lloyd, who may or may not have known about Hernandez’s involvement with the double murder, to reveal Hernandez as a suspect in the first place.

Fresh off of a new $40 million deal signed with the Patriots in 2012, Hernandez is now facing three murder charges.

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