Former Green Bay Packers star quarterback Brett Favre was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Friday, officially ending his first-year wait to get in as a first ballot candidate. Everyone knew Favre would get in once he retired with the Minnesota Vikings back in 2010, and here he is, listed among the greats forever.

As glorious as Favre’s eternal place in NFL annals will be, die hard Favre and football fans alike can’t help but wonder if the ol’ gunslinger would be willing to come back to the league. Favre has stated repeatedly in the years since his last (and final) retirement that he’d never return, but now that his Hall of Fame spot is secured, he may not have much to lose.

Provided the money and situation makes sense, could we see a 46-year old Favre back in the NFL?

Probably not. Favre cites “time” he’d have to give up as the main reason he hasn’t explored coaching or a continued television role, and his desire to be close to family as he ages almost certainly extends to the playing field.

There is also the argument that Favre’s legacy was a tad tarnished in his final three years, spent with the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings, respectively. His final season was even a waste, as he returned to try to get the Vikings to the Super Bowl but ended up having easily one of his worst seasons of his entire career.

Still, we can’t help but think, if Favre wanted to return, could there be a place he could go?

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are the first team that pops up, as they’re looking for a new backup passer with Kellen Moore possibly done for the year with a lower leg injury. Nick Foles already latched on with the Kansas City Chiefs, Johnny Manziel doesn’t seem ready to return to the league and a trade for Josh McCown is far from certain.

Favre isn’t returning, but if he did, what would be more cushy than backing up Tony Romo, a life long Favre fan? It’d be fun and interesting, and Dallas would be a fun team to watch if Romo were to suffer a devastating injury again like he did a year ago.

Green Bay Packers

Favre could return and back up the man he once feuded with in Aaron Rodgers. This time around Favre would have no real intention to take A-Rod’s job, yet the Packers could get (on paper) a competent backup and also allow their one-time hero to put a fitting close to his storied career.

Green Bay doesn’t want that type of distraction, to be sure, but it sure would be a nice gift to Packers fans everywhere.

Denver Broncos

Denver may be the only team that stands out for Favre to have a true chance to shine as a starter. It’s obviously debatable that a 46-year old Favre has no place in the NFL anymore, but Favre did say as recently as 2015 that he still thinks he could play.

What better team to give it one more go with, than the squad that just won a Super Bowl despite a severely regressing Peyton Manning being under center? Favre’s competition at hand would be weak, too, with really just Mark Sanchez standing in the way of him and the starting gig.

Injured Star

The only truly likely option, should Brett Favre ever actually consider returning to the NFL, is a top contender losing it’s starting quarterback. Teams like the Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots and the like could potentially be desperate enough to give Favre a call, and if the situation is right and he feels up to it, it’s tough to say Favre wouldn’t at least listen.

In all actuality, we have seen the last of Brett Favre the player. He sounds plenty busy with his family life and doing a whole lot of relaxing in retirement. We wish him well, as well as a heart-felt congratulations on an epic career and being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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