Tim Tebow has made headlines for his charitable acts and potential interest in politics. He also happens to think he could still play in the NFL. The former Bronco, Jet, Patriot and Eagle quarterback still believes he could be an “effective” quarterback in the NFL, and appears to be keeping the door open to a return to pro football.

Tebow Time?

Tebow doesn’t have any public suitors at the moment, but with preseason action just around the corner, the soon-to-be 29-year old could be vying for one last shot in someone’s training camp. Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles gave Tebow his most recent shot in 2015, but the team opted to keep just two quarterbacks and cut him before the regular season.

Tebow tried to latch on with the Patriots the year before, but found himself in a similar situation and again out of a job. While Tebow has shown some improvement with his enlongated throwing motion, he hasn’t played a meaningful NFL down since 2012 and faces long odds to make it back into the league.

What Does Tebow Have to Offer?

His new role would almost certainly be as a backup or third stringer, while Tebow would undoubtedly bring a media circus that not many teams would be willing to welcome into their training camp.

There is no denying the strengths Tebow does bring to the table, however. Blessed with solid size, quality arm strength and above average mobility, Tebow is still an interesting project that a few teams could consider kicking the tires on. Throw in his leadership and the positive energy he brings to the table, Tebow is at the very worst a good chemistry guy to add to a roster, regardless of how long his stay is.

So, is Tebow out of NFL chances, or are there some teams that could give him one last look? We think five teams should at least consider adding him:

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are an interesting possibility for several reasons. The most important, naturally, as their lack of suitable options behind the often banged up Ben Roethlisberger. Landry Jones and Bruce Gradkowski offer little upside in the event of an injury to Big Ben, so bringing Tebow in to see if his throwing motion and accuracy have improved may not be a bad idea.

Tebow’s game is similar to Roethlisberger’s, too, as he can evade pressure, throw deep down the field and also use his physicality as a runner. His accuracy and decision-making will need to show marked improvement if brought into camp, but the Steelers should be looking for ways to improve their quarterback depth.

There is also the case of Pittsburgh growing more and more infatuated with going for two after scoring a touchdown. Tebow has long been known as an “automatic two points” from the goal-line, and with extra points being pushed back last year, Tebow could add some value in those situations.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville already has a solid backup in Chad Henne and Blake Bortles is the unquestioned future of the franchise, but everyone knows Tebow and the Jaguars would be a fun fit. Tebow played at Florida and even if the Jags had no intention of keeping him around, they could at least do Tebow and the Jacksonville fans a favor by letting him show his worth in a Jaguars uniform.

The worst case scenario is Jacksonville sells more preseason tickets and gives a hometown hero a stage to show how he’s improve. Best case, the Jags bring on a third string passer who can be used in special packages, including two-point conversion plays.

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas has done a better job of late with their decision-making, but their backup quarterback situation still remains a dumpster fire. Tony Romo is aging and increasingly an injury risk, yet all the Cowboys have behind him are the noodle-armed Kellen Moore and a rookie in Dak Prescott. The team has even been loosely tied to both Nick Foles and Johnny Manziel, which could mean they’d be open to anyone they believed could help their team.

That isn’t to say Tim Tebow would be the answer to their backup woes, but it’s hard to believe he’s a worse option than Moore. He also has more polish and experience than Prescott, and could also offer upside as a dual threat. Dallas owner Jerry Jones also likes to make big splashes, to if he still wants to add a quarterback and wants a positive move to detract from all of the Cowboys’ bad suspensions, bringing in Tebow would be a multi-layered good move.

Green Bay Packers

The Packers seem pretty set at quarterback behind Aaron Rodgers, but they can never be too careful with A-Rod dealing with an injury just two years ago. Brett Hundley is a very interesting prospect and is almost guaranteed to be Green Bay’s #1 signal caller, but Tebow’s game is very similar and could provide the Packers with a slightly more prepared backup.

On top of backing up Rodgers, Tebow could give the Packers a two-point conversion threat, as well as a guy to throw around in special packages. Instead of putting Rodgers in danger, Green Bay could utilize Tebow’s strengths as needed.

San Francisco 49ers

Chip Kelly gave Tebow his most recent chance, so why not turn back to him for one last crack at the NFL? It’s doubtful with Kelly trying to decide between Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert, but Kelly saw enough in Tebow to give him a chance last year and could conceivably give him one more try.

There is no doubt Tebow’s strength and athleticism fit Kelly’s system, but if his accuracy and decision-making have gotten better, he might even be a viable threat to add to the quarterback competition. Even if he’s not, he fits the system and he could be an interesting backup option, should the Niners opt to trade either Gabbert or Kaepernick.

Seattle Seahawks

Seattle is one other team we need to consider, as Tebow’s skill-set is similar to Russell Wilson’s and Seattle has clearly tried to place backups behind him that could step in and run the offense. Rookie passer Trevone Boykin is currently slated to backup Wilson, but his lack of polish or experience could force the Seahawks to consider bringing in a talented veteran.

In addition, Tebow would provide a positive locker room presence and join a title-contending team.

Tim Tebow Prediction

Any of these teams could give Tebow his last chance in the NFL, but it’s likely he’s run out of opportunities. Tebow is moving toward coaching or a career in politics and as much as he’d probably be open to one last shot, even if he does get a call, it’s unlikely to end with a full-time job.

Don’t be too shocker to see Tebow in the rumor mill over the next few weeks, but the odds are very much against him to finally stick with anyone after being out of football for the past four seasons.

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