The Chicago Bulls were rumored to be interested in the idea of keeping long-time big man Joakim Noah going into next season. Per reports, the feeling isn’t so mutual. Instead, the center figures to move on this summer, and has told teammates that he is likely done with the organization.

Moving On?

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Noah no longer feels like a key piece to the puzzle and also has lost faith in management that they can put the correct pieces on the roster to get back to being a competitive playoff team.

It’s only natural for Noah to consider moving his playing career elsewhere, too, as the Bulls disintegrated to a non-playoff team last season and before injury, his role with the team was erratic, at best. Still, the reports have been mixed, with ESPN also reporting that Noah could stick in Chicago.

Noah is a mild injury liability and has never been a great offensive player from a scoring perspective, but at 31 years old still has the size, strength and defensive mentality to be a solid asset off the bench for the right team. The only question is, where could that fit be? Let’s take a look at five teams that should be interested in Noah’s services and could reach out to him this summer:

New York Knicks

New York has been the only team to pop up in the media, with multiple reports connecting the dots between Noah’s home state and the fact that he’s developed a good rapport with Knicks President, Phil Jackson.

New York certainly would be interested in any players they feel can get them closer to the playoffs, but they also want to be smart about it. There is also the case of Robin Lopez currently being under contract and arguably being a younger, better option at center for the Knicks at the moment. Regardless, if Noah is interested, it could be a good landing spot.

Atlanta Hawks

What Atlanta does could hinge on what soon to be free agent center Al Horford does. Horford’s name has been thrown into many an NBA rumor since the beginning of last year, and his next step could go in a number of directions.

One could be leaving the Hawks, which naturally would open the door for another center to come in and take his old job. That’s no guarantee, but if Horford does jet, Noah could find a nice starting gig next to Paul Millsap.

Dallas Mavericks

Dallas has Zaza Pachulia and nothing else at center and really has to be kicking themselves after missing out on LaMarcus Aldridge, DeAndre Jordan and Tyson Chandler last summer. They shouldn’t make that mistake again, as they desperately need help at center and could find it in the form of Noah.

Noah has a shaky injury history, but plays well, can create offense with excellent passing and can still be a quality impact defender. If he starts and Pachulia can come off the bench, Dallas gets a little stronger at a spot where they need help the most.

Houston Rockets

With Dwight Howard almost certainly done with the Rockets, it looks like the door could be open for Houston to bring in a new full-time center. One that doesn’t command a huge offensive role yet can facilitate offense and defense would be great, and it’s arguable there isn’t a better option to do all that than Noah, himself.

It’s true the Rockets could stay in house at center, as they have a bevy of bigs to work with and Clint Capela could benefit from a full-time switch to the position. However, if Howard jets, the Rockets should take a long look at Noah if they want to improve their interior defense and also get a center that won’t wine when he doesn’t get the rock.

Milwaukee Bucks

Last, but not necessarily least are the Bucks, who seem to be close to admitting their failure with Greg Monroe at center. Shifting Giannis Antetokounmpo to point guard full-time should really open up their roster, and if they can get a better defensive presence inside, they can then either shift Moose to power forward or simply trade him away.

A trade makes the most sense, as it could get Milwaukee assets back or even net them a wing player to help an offense that often struggles through ugly lulls. Noah can give them a lift defensively, and his passing can also help Giannis during tough stretches.

Got a better ideas as to where Noah could wind up playing next year or think he’s headed back to Chicago? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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