The Dallas Cowboys haven’t enjoyed the best stability under center lately. Last year starter Tony Romo succumbed to two breaks in his collarbone, and the team suffered through a losing season while the likes of Matt Cassel, Brandon Weeden and Kellen Moore tried to run the offense.

Down Goes Moore

Playing without Romo hasn’t gone well for the Cowboys (1-13 when Romo is out), but until Monday, Dallas seemed intent on going into the new year with Moore as his main backup and rookie Dak Prescott as the third stringer. Things changed when Moore had his ankle rolled up in during practice, resulting in a fracture that could end his season.

Seemingly content with their quarterback situation prior to Moore’s untimely injury, Dallas is suddenly staring even more instability under center in the face.

The plan in 2016 is to have the 36-year old Romo healthy and as good as ever, but if that doesn’t work out, where do the Cowboys turn? Right now it’d be too a raw Prescott, who virtually no one feels would be ready to run the offense and win games.

Needless to say, Dallas is in the market for a new backup, whether it be finding someone off the streets or in a trade. Let’s take a look at their six best bets and they look to bring someone in to slide behind Romo:

Josh McCown (Browns)

McCown has to be at the top of the list, as he’s the consummate teammate, has proven time and again he can master new systems and can start for lengthy periods of time and actually produce. He’s also as old as Romo and is fine with holding a clipboard if that’s what his team wants him to do.

McCown may still have a shot at starting in Cleveland, but if the Browns want to get rid of him and bring back something in return, this is the team to move him to. The only real issue is Dallas would have to give up a draft pick in order to land a backup that may never play a down – or at least they hope. Still, the ‘Boys haven’t been properly protected under center for years, so this could be an insurance move worth making.

Mike Glennon (Buccaneers)

Glennon isn’t a bad fallback plan, as the Bucs have moved on with franchise quarterback Jameis Winston in place. Glennon has also been in the midst of trade rumors pretty much ever since he was drafted, so even though Tampa Bay doesn’t mind having a capable starter backing up their main guy, they’ll listen to Dallas for the right price.

Glennon is younger than McCown and offers more upside, so Tampa Bay’s asking price should be more than Cleveland’s. That could be up to a second round pick or as low as a fourth rounder. It’s unlikely Dallas is willing to give that up for Glennon, but he’s still someone to consider.

Nick Foles (Free Agent)

Foles has certainly been shaky over the last two years, where he’s been exposed as an erratic passer who struggles with decision-making. That being said, he crushed it as recently as 2013 and still has the size, arm strength and (at times) pocket presence to be a quality NFL starter.

People focus too much on his flaws as a starter, however. As a backup, he is perfectly fine, as he’s competent enough to improve a quarterback room, learn an offense and step in as needed for short bursts. No team wants to lean on Foles for long stretches, but as a backup on the street, he figures to be the Cowboys’ best bet, far and away.

Johnny Manziel (Free Agent)

That, or Jerry Jones could take the dive many feel is coming, whether Dallas truly wants it to or not. Manziel played college ball in Texas, recently stated the Cowboys are the team he’d most like to play for and there has been a loose connection between the player and franchise ever since he left school.

Of course, there is the issue of Manziel’s substance abuse problems, his domestic violence case that is still unresolved and a four-game ban stemming from his drug and alcohol abuse. As he stands, Manziel is young and talented, but he’s a headcase that can’t be trusted. If it’s Jerry’s call, there is still a chance the ‘Boys bring in Johnny Football and see if they can save him. If they’re smart, however, they take a pass until Manziel is on the straight and narrow.

Tim Tebow (Free Agent)

Tebow stated recently he still believes he could be an “effective” NFL signal caller, and he’s once again just awaiting one more chance to prove his worth to someone. Dallas could be that someone, as they clearly have a need behind Romo and are running out of answers.

It’s tough to imagine it actually working out, but Jerry Jones likes a good splash and with all of the suspensions coming out of Dallas, they could use a high character guy for a change. Tebow wouldn’t be a great fit or likely to stick as the top backup, but he’d sell some preseason tickets and it’d be interesting to see if he got any better over the past year.

Michael Vick (Free Agent)

Vick may be the last ditch effort to get Romo a competent backup. Like any of these guys, you’re hoping you never see Vick on the field for meaningful snaps. Still, he has a ton of experience, still has the jets to spring big plays with his legs and has always been able to take shots deep down the field.

Should Romo miss a few games, Vick could still be good enough to get Dallas by on a short-term basis. He’s recently suggested he’d like to play one more year and for a contender, so this could actually be the perfect fit for both sides.

Ultimately, the guy that makes the most sense here is Nick Foles. He can be a decent pocket passer, Dallas gives up nothing but money to bring him in and his game is actually similar to the injured Kellen Moore’s. Dallas still doesn’t want to have Foles seeing the field much in 2016, but they should feel better having him than Prescott or some other unproven commodity.

Who do you think the Cowboys should sign to backup Romo? Manziel? Tebow? Foles? Someone else? Let us hear all about it in the comments below!

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