The 2016 NBA playoffs continue on with a light three-game slate on Monday, following two four-pack slates this past weekend. The playoffs have officially started with a road team already snagging a win, too, as the Pacers up-ended the Raptors in Toronto to get things going on Saturday.

Will Indiana take an unprecedented 2-0 lead over the 2-seed in the Eastern Conference, or will the Raptors fight back? Let’s take a look at that game and the rest of tonight’s slate to see how things could play out:

Pacers (7) @ Raptors (2)

Line: Raptors -7 Total: 195

After blowing it in round one last year, it really seemed like the Raptors had improved and were ready to take the next step. That’s why their game one loss on Saturday was extremely troubling, as the Pacers felt like the aggressor and no Toronto player really showed up offensively. Jonas Valanciunas was by far their best producer, and if that’s going to be the case, another first round exit could very well be on the horizon.

Indiana proved immediately that they aren’t to be taken lightly and with a 1-0 hole, the Raptors have to be enduring nightmares of last season’s first round sweep by the hands of the Wizards. The East’s 2-seed is suddenly in a must-win situation, as a 2-0 hole mathematically would be bad for the Raptors, but it could also destroy their psyche and confidence.

A second straight loss is obviously possible here, but we have to give the Raptors the benefit of the doubt. They were the better team all year, they handled the Pacers well enough during the regular season and they get another crack at them at home, where they were a strong 32-9 during the regular season. If Toronto loses here the series is probably over, so we’ll bank on them being highly motivated as they even the series.

Pick: Raptors 104, Pacers 96

Mavericks (6) @ Thunder (3)

Line: Thunder -14 Total: 201

Dallas did not get off to the start they needed in this series, and a 38-point drubbing in game one likely spells a quick 4-0 sweep. The Thunder have two megastars and don’t lose at home, but on top of that they proved from the tip in game one that they’re the vastly superior squad.

The Mavs already had their backs against the wall going in, but now they’re in a 1-0 hole and probably won’t have either Deron Williams or J.J. Barea heading into game two. That puts too much pressure on a worn down Dirk Nowitzki, who already has to deal with a rough matchup with Serge Ibaka. Game two might be a little better in terms of the score gap, but there is little reason to hope for an upset or even the Mavs to beat the spread.

Pick: Thunder 116, Mavs 100

Rockets (8) @ Warriors (1)

Line: n/a Total: n/a

The line and total weren’t made available at the time of this writing, largely due to Stephen Curry’s pending status (ankle). Golden State made quick work of the visiting Rockets in game one, and provided Curry is good to go, we can probably expect more of the same in game two.

It’s pretty clear the Dubs are a totally different team on their home floor, but they’re also facing a fairly one-dimensional Rockets team. Although Houston can explode on offense and certainly does have a lot of talent, it’s pretty much James Harden or bust still. The Warriors did a good job containing him in game one, which may have set a precedent for the rest of the series. That, or they can allow Harden to do all the hard work and keep his teammates from being involved on a positive level.

Curry being out would shift the odds greatly and give the Rockets a great chance, but they also don’t defend and we’ve seen the Warriors win games without their star before. We still like the Warriors to take a commanding 2-0 lead here, but monitor Curry’s status up until the tip. If he’s out, give Houston a shot at beating the spread.

Pick: Warriors 106, Rockets 99

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