Tuesday night could be a great spot for some MLB betting, seeing as we have a lively 15-game MLB slate and some big name aces toeing the rubber. Anytime you see aces like Chris Sale and Max Scherzer hit the mound, betting sites tend to favor their team even more than usual – often regardless of matchup.

Does the presence of those aces make their opponents mildly more interesting upset bids tonight, or should we be looking elsewhere? That and more needs to be considered on such a big slate – one in which you want to pick your spots carefully.

With that, we’ve scoured today’s MLB slate and found four upset picks that either offer the most upside or actually feel pretty realistic. Let’s find out why:

Yankees (+180) Over Red Sox (-200)

New York always feels like a decent bet when they take on Boston, seeing as it’s a fierce rivalry game that goes back for forever. It’s only under the microscope even more right now, as the Yankees basically need to win out to have a remote chance at locking up a wild card playoff spot.

That’s not happening, but this young, talented Yankees team will surely be out to steal a massive win against a hated rival to close out the year. It helps some that the game is at Yankee Stadium. Boston still feels like the safe pick, but the history here gives the Yanks a chance.

Indians (+185) Over Tigers (-210)

This might be one to really consider, seeing as the Tigers are slipping out of the MLB playoff picture and are currently riding a three-game skid. Cleveland, meanwhile, has the AL Central division locked up and comes into tonight red hot with a 7-3 mark over their last 10 games.

There is no denying the talented Justin Verlander at home in this one, but let’s keep in mind that the Tigers are likely pretty deflated, while Verlander specifically is 0-3 with 17 earned runs (7 homers) given up to these Indians in 2016. If these was a spot to bet big against Verlander and the Tigers, this would be it.

Reds (+200) Over Cardinals (-230)

The MLB odds are even more interesting in another divisional clash, this one being between the Reds and Cardinals of the NL Central. St. Louis is still alive in the NL wild card chase, but they’re slipping (lost two straight, just 5-5 over last 10) and have the erratic Adam Wainwright on the mound tonight.

Cincinnati is really just hoping to play spoiler in this one, but we can’t deny their recent form (won three straight), nor their interest in taking down a hated rival. The Reds have an inconsistent offense and this is a pitcher’s park that could mess with them, but playing spoiler shouldn’t be overrated. If you don’t buy the Cardinals to make the playoffs, a bad home loss to the Reds could easily wind up being a big reason why.

Diamondbacks (+240) Over Nationals (-280)

The best MLB upset pick of the night is by far Arizona over Washington. Max Scherzer toes the rubber for the Nats and he’s been amazing over the past month, notching a win or a no decision in eight straight contests.

Arizona is pretty awful overall, but they bring some serious pop with their bats and are oddly better on the road than they are at home. With the Nats already in the 2016 MLB playoffs, it wouldn’t be crazy to see them stumble a bit to close out the regular season. They already kind of are, as they’re just 4-6 over their last 10 games and actually just got demolished by these very Diamondbacks on Monday night (14-4).

The D’backs don’t need to wreck Scherzer to pay off. They just need to keep him off his game enough to squeak out the upset win. It’d be more of a reach if there wasn’t so much logic supporting it. To top it off, it’s a pretty big payout for a small gamble.

Love/hate our MLB upset picks for Tuesday night? Tell us your favorite picks in the comments below!

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