Saturday got the ball rolling in the 2015 NBA playoffs and if what we saw last night was any indication, we’re in for a wild ride. The craziness likely will ensue, as the other eight teams in the tourney get the action going again on Sunday. We have four more matchups to look over, so let’s break them down and see which teams are worth betting on:

Boston Celtics (7) @ Cleveland Cavaliers (2)

Boston’s last two games against the Cavs probably can’t be counted, as Cleveland was limiting and resting key players. Boston did give the Cavs one tough fight earlier in the year when the Cavs were at full strength, but overall Cleveland is easily the better team and at home. The Celtics can bring it offensively, though, so a shootout could favor them. Ultimately, the Cavs are too good and too well rested to blow the first game of the series, however.

Pick: Cavs 109, Celtics 102

Brooklyn Nets (8) @ Atlanta Hawks (1)

I really like how the Hawks move the ball and play a team style on both ends of the floor. I also think actually having a healthy Al Horford is their biggest key to their success, and he could be huge in shutting down Brooklyn’s offense, which happens to run through Brook Lopez. It’s probably pretty telling that Atlanta absolutely smoked the Nets twice and took all four games during the regular season. I don’t love that the Hawks rested their guys so much and slightly faded a bit down the stretch, but they should be 100% and ready to rock at home to get this series going. Brooklyn has a lot of veteran experience and has a slim chance of being a sneaky pick in this series, but the smart odds might be on them not even winning a game.

Pick: Hawks 106, Nets 95

Memphis Grizzlies (5) @ Portland Trail Blazers (4)

Memphis is banged up and their offense is unpredictable, but I like them tonight. Portland’s defensive intensity isn’t nearly as good with Wes Matthews gone (Achilles), while I doubt Robin Lopez can handle Marc Gasol down low. LaMarcus Aldridge is going to need to be huge in this one, too, as Mike Conley could slow down Damian Lillard. Portland’s fading bench is what kills them the most here, and in a potential defensive battle I favor the Grizz’s tenacity. It also doesn’t hurt that Memphis owned Portland (4-0) during the regular season.

Pick: Grizz 101, Blazers 94

San Antonio Spurs (6) @ Los Angeles Clippers (3)

There’s something about the Clippers that’s hard to dislike, as they play a fun brand of offensive basketball and carry a swagger about them. That may not matter when the Spurs come to town, however, as San Antonio probably has the edge in about every way. If L.A. can slip past the Spurs I think they’ll be a dangerous team in the playoffs, but doing that is definitely easier said than done. These two split the season series (2-2), but the Spurs are the veteran squad and the defending champs. If you’re looking for a road team to win tonight, they’re the likely lock.

Pick: Spurs 104, Clippers 99

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