Well, that certainly didn’t go as planned. Sure, the top four seeds in the NBA playoffs have advanced to the Conference Finals, but it was still pretty crazy to see the L.A. Clippers actually blow a 3-1 lead and fall to the Rockets. That is what happened, though, and if it wasn’t clear already, it’s probably beyond obvious that these aren’t your normal NBA playoffs.

The defending champion Spurs are gone, the Cavs are somehow still alive sans Kevin Love and 3-1 holes aren’t guarantees. It’s crazy, and with the Cavs shooting for their first ever title and the Warriors and Hawks looking for their first NBA Finals win since before 1976 each, things could get a whole lot crazier.

Let’s break things down a bit on our way to round three, as we take a look at the new 2015 NBA Finals odds:

Golden State Warriors (Favorite to win at 1/2)

Golden State is the top overall seed and they just drew a Rockets team that looks to be over-matched. Not only did they sweep (4-0) these Rockets during the regular season, but they have home court advantage (lost three games all year at Oracle Arena) and have the league’s MVP. The odds say Golden State wins it all (probably over Cleveland), and we think they at least get to the Finals.

Cleveland Cavaliers (14/5)

It’s all about LeBron James. The Cavs are getting timely help from random bench guys, but without Kevin Love they’re really hard to trust. The playoffs aren’t always about trust, though. Sometimes it’s just about being better than the field. The Cavs just might be.

Houston Rockets (10/1)

Houston survived a real scare versus the Clippers, so that ability to storm back from a 3-1 hole has to be seen as formidable. That’s probably why they have the third best NBA odds to win it all. They also have serious star power via James Harden and Dwight Howard. I don’t think that gets them to the Finals, but I also didn’t think they’d beat the Clippers.

Atlanta Hawks (13/1)

Atlanta is a great team and they can play extremely well at both ends. They just aren’t this elite team some want them to be. Being a great team in a bad Eastern Conference isn’t saying much, and neither is barely getting past a Cavs squad without Kevin Love. They might get to the NBA Finals, but they’re not winning it all.

The Sleeper: Rockets

It’s really hard to completely bet against Houston. They showed serious grit and have the stars and depth to make a real run. Going into Golden State and emerging as the Western Conference champs seems unlikely, but if there is an upset brewing in these playoffs still, they’re behind it.

Our Favorite: Cavs

Who else? The NBA playoffs are an annoying beast that tend to almost always be entertaining to start, but in the end are extremely predictable. Despite all the fuss we saw, where are we – starting at all four of the top seeds. Big shocker there.

LeBron James seems like a man possessed, the Hawks aren’t nearly as elite as their regular season run suggests and if the Spurs aren’t on the other side, it’s anyone’s game. With the Cavs on the hunt for their first ever title, the odds grow increasingly likely that King James makes it happen. I know, we hate it, too.

Best Bet: Hawks

While the Cavs will somehow inevitably win this darn thing, the Hawks have to be the betting man’s choice here. They have the best odds to play with and a first glance suggests they’re the better shot over the Rockets. Atlanta does have home court advantage and plays a team style of ball that can lead to a title. Will they do it? Probably not, but they’re still the best bet, overall.

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