The 2014 NFL season arrives on Thursday night, which means it’s time to get our picks in for the first week of the regular season. Odds and lines aside, we’ve got the call on the overall winner in each matchup.

Read on as we pick each winner along with some brief analysis:

Packers @ Seahawks

The upsets start here. Seattle is the champ, but Aaron Rodgers and co. have as good a chance as anyone to go in and get the job done against the 12th Man and Legion of Boom.

Pick: Packers 23, Seahawks 16

Saints @ Falcons

The Saints and Falcons are almost always good for an explosive showdown, and usually in the opener. This is a real toss up, but ATL is tough to beat at home.

Pick: Falcons 27, Saints 24

Vikings @ Rams

The Rams might have had the edge at home with Sam Bradford, but he’s done for the year. Expect a lot of Adrian Peterson and Cordarrelle Patterson on the turf.

Pick: Vikings 27, Rams 14

Browns @ Steelers

Brian Hoyer is entering Pittsburgh without Josh Gordon. The Steelers won’t have to be on top of their A game to win this one.

Pick: Steelers 26, Browns 13

Jaguars @ Eagles

Jacksonville might be a team on the rise, but that probably waits for when Blake Bortles takes the field. That won’t be in week one, so Eagles should triumph.

Pick: Eagles 30, Jaguars 17

Raiders @ Jets

Derek Carr gets his first ever start against a nasty front line in New York. Rex Ryan could have a field day against the rookie.

Pick: Jets 23, Raiders 9

Bengals @ Ravens

Andy Dalton doesn’t normally play great inside the AFC North and he’s on the road against a hungry Ravens squad. It could get ugly in week one.

Pick: Ravens 20, Bengals 10

Bills @ Bears

E.J. Manuel is dreadful and the Bills’ only strength – their defense – enters this one without Kiko Alonso. Expect a big day for the Bears on offense.

Pick: Bears 34, Bills 16

Redskins @ Texans

Robert Griffin III is just slightly less horrible than Ryan Fitzpatrick right now, for whatever it’s worth.

Pick: Redskins 16, Texans 13

Titans @ Chiefs

Can Jake Locker make it happen against a nasty Chiefs pass rush? Better yet, can a shaky Titans defense hold Jamaal Charles in check? No and no.

Pick: Chiefs 27, Titans 10

Patriots @ Dolphins

Miami could be better and split last year’s series with the Pats, but if Rob Gronkowski is healthy New England is a whole different machine than they were a year ago.

Pick: Patriots 31, Dolphins 20

Panthers @ Buccaneers

Carolina has taken some hits on offense, but their D is still too nasty to fall to a Buccaneers team full of new faces.

Pick: Panthers 24, Buccaneers 13

49ers @ Cowboys

San Francisco isn’t going to be elite on defense to start the year, but the difference here is how much worse the ‘Boys will be with their own defense.

Pick: 49ers 23, Cowboys 17

Colts @ Broncos

The rematch between Peyton Manning and his former team is so on, it’s not even funny. It’s hard to see Manning going 0-2 against the team that left him for dead, though. A shootout can be expected, however.

Pick: Broncos 37, Colts 34

Giants @ Lions

Eli Manning has been awful and the Giants fresh-faced secondary has yet to be tested. They’ll get a heavy dose of Calvin Johnson on the road to get 2014 going.

Pick: Lions 31, Giants 24

Chargers @ Cardinals

The best part of Arizona has been their aggressive defense and they’ll start 2014 without at least two key impact defenders. San Diego does a great job at setting the tempo and playing to their opponent’s weaknesses. They get the win on the road.

Pick: Chargers 27, Cardinals 20

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