Tuesday night only carried five NBA games, but we missed out on picking perfection yet again thanks to two home teams not getting the memo that they should have won, while the Chicago Bulls also sunk to lower depths and lost to the Denver Nuggets. Derrick Rose also go hurt again, which was really just the icing on the cake.

In all, we had our first losing night of the year (2-3), and for that, we apologize. There is an insane 13-game slate ahead of us tonight, though, so we have plenty of opportunities to make up for a bad night. Let’s proceed into the fire with a still stellar 98-52 season mark:

Nets @ 76ers

Brooklyn hasn’t been winning much lately, but they’re much more talented than a Sixers squad that has yet to earn a win on the year. Look for Philly to lose yet again tonight.

Pick: Nets 101, 76ers 94

Wizards @ Cavaliers

Cleveland seemed to have figured itself out last game, but we’ve been teased before. Until the Cavs go on a run and start showing the rest of the league they’re a team to be feared, it’s going to be difficult to pick them over solid teams like the Wiz.

Pick: Wizards 109, Cavs 104

Blazers @ Hornets

Charlotte is in the dumps right now, riding a six-game losing streak. They’re in bad shape with some injuries, too, and they won’t be able to handle a Blazers team coming in hot with an eight game winning streak.

Pick: Blazers 111, Hornets 99

Warriors @ Magic

Golden State is near the top of the league with a blistering 11-2 start, while the Magic are just 6-10 and have to find a way to stay in tonight’s contest without Tobias Harris. It’s unlikely to go the way the Magic want it to.

Pick: Warriors 105, Magic 102

Raptors @ Hawks

Atlanta has been playing some inspired basketball lately and has been especially tough at home (5-1), but they’re on a back to back tonight and the Raptors have lost just two times all season.

Pick: Raptors 106, Hawks 104

Knicks @ Mavericks

Dallas has dropped two straight and will want to break their losing skid, while the Knicks come into town sans Carmelo Anthony. New York is going to need a miracle to top an angry Dallas team that is upset over losing their last game at home to the Pacers.

Pick: Mavs 107, Knicks 97

Clippers @ Pistons

Los Angeles still doesn’t know what kind of a team they are, but they’re still good enough to go into Detroit and take care of the Pistons. Detroit is just 3-11 on the year and isn’t necessarily formidable at home (2-4).

Pick: Clippers 109, Pistons 101

Jazz @ Thunder

Oklahoma City has been fairly competitive at home, but they’re an astounding 3-12 without their two star players. Utah doesn’t play much defense, but they definitely hold the edge on offense in tonight’s battle.

Pick: Jazz 106, Thunder 95

Kings @ Rockets

Houston will defend their home court without Dwight Howard, Terrence Jones and Patrick Beverley, which could be a pretty tough task against a solid Kings squad. Sacramento has been solid on the road this year (5-3) but if James Harden simply brings it, the Rockets should still prevail.

Pick: Rockets 113, Kings 110

Bucks @ Timberwolves

Minnesota gets Thaddeus Young back tonight, but they’re still severely undermanned and take on a surprisingly strong Bucks team. With the Timberwolves having all sorts of problems this year, Milwaukee could hold the edge with this one, even with it being on the road.

Pick: Bucks 102, Timberwolves 97

Pacers @ Spurs

Indiana pulled off a big upset over the Mavs in Dallas in their last game, but doing so in San Antonio is a whole different task. The Spurs know they need to win to keep pace with a loaded Southwest division, so betting against them tonight would be foolish.

Pick: Spurs 104, Pacers 94

Nuggets @ Suns

Denver has gone on quite a tear lately, winning five straight games to prove to everyone else they’re not a cellar dweller, but possibly a team to fear on a nightly basis. Phoenix shouldn’t be bashful, though, as they are a solid 9-6 and play some of their best ball at home. In what should be the highest scoring affair of the night, look for the Suns to hold their ground at home.

Pick: Suns 116, Nuggets 110

Grizzlies @ Lakers

We know by now that a Lakers win is pure randomness, but somehow beating the 12-2 Grizzlies sounds pretty impossible. L.A. can’t stop Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol on offense, while their inefficient offense could play right into the hands of the defensive-minded Grizz.

Pick: Grizzlies 104, Lakers 99

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