Saturday was a bad day for picking NBA games, as we turned in a putrid 1-7 record on a pretty crazy night. In our defense, logic certainly did not prevail, as the Spurs, Bulls and Rockets all lost at home. The Clippers had been playing terribly and somehow beat the Blazers, while the Bucks topped the Grizzlies by one point, as well.

That’s the beauty of the NBA, though, as any team can beat any other team on any given night. Logic usually should prevail, though, so let’s get back to it for Sunday’s games, as we walk into the fire with a 47-24 record on the year:

Magic @ Nets

Orlando travels to Brooklyn to take on the Nets in the first game of the day. Orlando has been in every game this year and is highly competitive, but that may not be enough to top the Nets on the road, who happen to be a much better defensive team.

Pick: Nets 101, Magic 95

Jazz @ Pistons

Utah and Detroit wage war as two young teams that probably won’t make the playoffs but have a ton of talent and fight in them. Trey Burke returns home to Michigan and will look to have his best game of the young season in a hopeful Jazz win.

Pick: Jazz 97, Pistons 96

Kings @ Thunder

Sacramento continues their impressive start (5-1) on the road against a severely depleted Thunder team. OKC will have to find a way to win eventually, but they’ve had just too many injuries to bet on, even at home.

Pick: Kings 96, Thuner 90

76ers @ Raptors

Philly is getting closer and closer to that elusive first win, but it’s probably not coming tonight on the road against Toronto. The Raptors are 3-0 at home and have just one loss on the year, while Philly is undermanned.

Pick: Raptors 112, 76ers 104

Heat @ Mavericks

Two 4-2 squads go to battle in Dallas tonight, with Miami holding the slight defensive edge. They’ll have a little less depth down low with Chris Anderson out, while the Mavs already have to be the tentative favorites at home.

Pick: Mavs 104, Heat 101

Warriors @ Suns

Golden State is fresh off of an awesome win of the Rockets and still haven’t lost a game this year. Phoenix could be a tough road test, but they don’t play enough defense to slow down the Warriors.

Pick: Warriors 106, Suns 103

Nuggets @ Blazers

Denver has been a mess defensively and now they have to try to win in Portland without Ty Lawson. That probably won’t work out too well.

Pick: Blazers 107, Nuggets 102

Hornets @ Lakers

The Lakers have the worst defense in the league and very little talent or depth. The only way Charlotte doesn’t win this game is if they randomly play no defense and can’t hit any shots. Al Jefferson should feast in a win.

Pick: Hornets 112, Lakers 105

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