Sometimes logic just doesn’t prevail in the NBA. That was definitely true in one game on Wednesday night, when the Boston Celtics somehow demolished what figured to be a much better Brooklyn Nets team. Perhaps that’s not the case.

While picking the Nets didn’t work out for us (or anyone) last night, it actually was our only miss of the night. If you used our NBA Picks for NBA betting on Wednesday, you could have cleaned up, as we ended the night with a stellar 11-1 mark (13-2 on the year). Let’s see if we can do it again tonight, as we’re graced with five more games of exciting NBA action:

Wizards @ Magic

Orlando is a young team that could potentially compete for a playoff spot, but they have too many injuries to be taken too seriously early in the year. They’re also starting a rookie point guard and a rookie big man is also getting quality minutes. That’s not the recipe for success against a very balanced and steadily rising Wizards team.

Pick: Wizards 104, Magic 99

Knicks @ Cavaliers

Carmelo Anthony and co. offered up a sorry debut performance last night, and they did nothing to suggest they’ll give Cleveland’s new Big Three a tough time in their home opener. The fun part will be guessing who scores more out of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.

Pick: Cavs 111, Knicks 96

Pistons @ Timberwolves

Minnesota looked deep and competitive on Wednesday, as they gave what seems to be a good Grizzlies team a real run for their money. Minny always struggled to close games even with Kevin Love, though, so it’s no shocker they couldn’t get it done. It’s going to be hard for them to give that effort every single night, while their inside defense is absolutely atrocious. It’s hard to not imagine Josh Smith and Andre Drummond crushing them down low tonight.

Pick: Pistons 108, Timberwolves 104

Jazz @ Mavericks

Utah has some solid young talent, but they’ve never been great at finishing games (see: last night versus Rockets). Dallas, on the other hand, is a veteran squad that can pour it on thick offensively. They barely fell to the Spurs on Tuesday and will be hungry to get a win.

Pick: Mavs 107, Jazz 89

Thunder @ Clippers

OKC tends to play the Clips very well, but no Kevin Durant is a big hole to fill. Russell Westbrook was up to the challenge in last night’s loss (38 points), but he can’t do it alone. L.A. should be focused in their home opener and they’re simply deeper at the moment.

Pick: Clippers 105, Thunder 101

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