More NBA action is on the table on Monday, while pro basketball fans get a mild breather with just a solid five games instead of another ridiculous run of games.

Tonight’s schedule offers up a couple high-scoring outings as well as some defensive battles. Naturally, both make getting your bets right pretty tough. We continue to track our own success and enter Monday night with a solid 52-27 mark.

We could have been even better than our 5-3 mark on Sunday night, but the Lakers actually won a game, the Warriors actually lost one and the ravaged Thunder decided to show up and beat a good Raptors team.

Needless to say, we chase perfection and you can too if you join us along the way. Let’s shoot for a 5-0 start to the week as we take a quick look at tonight’s NBA contests:

Jazz @ Pacers

Utah has one of the worst defenses in the league and Indy’s offense leaves a lot to be desired. If Roy Hibbert misses this contest, there’s little reason to have faith in the Pacers. That might be the case, regardless.

Pick: Jazz 103, Pacers 101

Pelicans @ Cavaliers

Cleveland seemed to get things going in their last win, are at home and the Pellies didn’t get to their hotel until 2 am today. Needless to say, everything is working against The Brow and his crew for tonight, so it’s hard to take New Orleans on the road.

Pick: Cavs 107, Pellies 101

Hawks @ Knicks

The Hawks burned the Knicks in their last meeting recently and they’ll be out to do it again. New York has a slight edge at home, though, while their defense has proven to be better than Atlanta’s. Carmelo Anthony can only be held down for so long, too.

Pick: Knicks 104, Hawks 102

Pistons @ Bulls

Chicago could be without Derrick Rose and a number of stars that continue to be questionable on a nightly basis, but it shouldn’t matter. They’re at home, play defense and have the depth to contend with an inconsistent Detroit Pistons squad.

Pick: Bulls 95, Pistons 90

Spurs @ Clippers

Could we be seeing the death of the Spurs? San Antonio was once ageless and borderline unstoppable, but they’re just 2-3 so far and now they have a tough path to get back to .500 as they take on the Clippers in L.A. It’s a good thing the Clips haven’t looked great so far, so we gotta give the defending champs a chance at righting the ship early.

Pick: Spurs 104, Clippers 99

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