Read through the terms and conditions of any gambling bonus and you’ll see a little clause that lists games that cannot be played with that bonus. 90% of the time, you’ll see roulette included in that list. Gambling sites are not big fans of players who combine roulette with bonuses because the game has a low house advantage.

The house advantage of European roulette is just 2.7%. When you combine that with a bonus and a little good luck, it can get expensive for the casino in a hurry. Most gambling sites don’t like that risk, so they restrict roulette from being played with bonus money.

Fortunately, online gambling is a competitive business. Gambling sites know very well that roulette is one of the most popular games among players. Every once in a while, they’re willing to give out roulette bonuses for the sake of attracting new customers.

But be warned now – roulette bonuses are never very big. You would be lucky to find a roulette bonus anywhere worth $100 or more. There are a few casinos out there that advertise bigger bonuses, but those are all small, relatively unknown sites. I have seen significant negative feedback from players regarding those sites. If you see a big roulette bonus anywhere, do your research before you deposit.

William Hill

The one legitimate roulette bonus that I know of is offered at William Hill Casino. It’s not a very big bonus, but at least it’s something. It’s basically just a cashback bonus. The deal is if you wager at least £5 in roulette in a 48 hour period at the roulette table, William Hill will refund up to £20 of your losses.

I told you this wasn’t much of a bonus. But anything for roulette can be considered good. Also note that William Hill does not accept Americans. This one is for our UK and European readers only.

On a more positive note, William Hill is an excellent casino. The company name goes back to 1934 and has spent the last 80-odd years building a reputation for high quality bookmaking and gambling. You can also take advantage of the casino’s standard welcome bonus for non-roulette games.

Are There Any Roulette Bonuses at US Casinos?

Lucky Red Casino is the only US-friendly gambling site where you might get a roulette bonus. Their long standing bonuses don’t work with roulette, but Lucky Red occasionally hosts short term bonuses for existing players. Sometimes these bonuses work with all games, including roulette.

The best you can do is sign up for an account at Lucky Red and keep an eye open for promotional e-mails from them. They host new bonuses every week and sometimes those bonuses work for every single game in the casino. That’s the best I have for my USA readers.

I have seen a few new-player roulette bonuses at smaller gambling sites, but I wouldn’t put much trust in those casinos. If you live in the States, your best bet is to stick with big name casinos and play roulette without any bonus money.

Hopefully this will change in the future. It would be great to give you better news. The sad truth is the gambling industry doesn’t like to give out easy money. If you do decide to try one of those other, smaller gambling sites with a roulette bonus, do yourself a favor and start small. You don’t want to risk a whole lot of money at unsanctioned, unknown sites.

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