Odds are that when you deposit money at an online casino, you expect to withdraw the funds at some point in the future. You may cash out after a big win or just because you want your money back. In any case, the obvious goal of withdrawing casino funds is to get your money.

But gaming sites don’t normally process your cashout requests immediately. The same sites can even offer a reverse withdrawal option, which allows you to cancel your request and continue gambling with the funds.

Reverse withdrawals lead to the obvious temptation of gambling funds that you might otherwise withdraw. How can you combat this temptation? The answer is manual flushing. Find out what this term means, why it’s so important, and where you can take advantage of manual flushing.

What Is Manual Flushing?

Internet casinos take some time to process withdrawal requests. The amount of time it takes for a site to approve your cashout depends upon the casino and payment method used.

Generally, you can expect your withdrawal request to be processed within 24-48 hours. Casinos require time to check your personal details and banking method before giving their approval. They may even ask for a copy of a photo ID and recent utility bill if deemed necessary.

Regardless of whether it takes two hours or two days to process a withdrawal, you might be tempted to reverse this request and play more casino games. But manual flushing takes this option out of your hands. Instead, internet casinos move your money into a pending area until the cashout request is completed.

Here’s an example:

  • You win $1,000 through a slots game.
  • You want to cash out $800 of this amount.
  • You request to withdraw $800 via debit card.
  • The money automatically goes into a holding area where you can’t access it.
  • The funds stay in the pending state until they’re officially in your bank account (via debit card).

Manual flashing is all about removing temptation from the equation. If you have trouble with reversing cashouts just to continue gambling with the funds, then manual flushing is your answer. This option lets you “flush” funds from your account until they move to your preferred withdrawal option.

How Do You Use Manual Flushing?

Most online casinos that offer account flushing require you to speak with customer service. These support reps will manually flush funds from your account until they’re processed. Live chat is the best way to perform manual flashing, because it puts you in touch with a rep almost immediately. Therefore, you have little chance to reverse your cashout and gamble the funds away.

The majority of internet casinos today offer live chat. But there are still a small percentage of gaming sites that feature email and phone support. I’m not saying that you should definitely avoid any site that only allows you to contact customer service through email. But the casino should at least be quick to respond if they only have email support.

Also note that select casinos feature automatic manual flushing, where funds are automatically flushed from your account upon a withdrawal request. This option is more convenient if you’re a manual flushing proponent, because you don’t have to bother with contacting customer service.

What Is a Reverse Withdrawal?

Sometimes you may request a cashout and later have second thoughts. This is where a reverse withdrawal comes in, because it allows you to cancel your pending cashout and continue playing with the funds. Convenience is the driving force behind reverse withdrawals, at least in theory. This service gives you the option to move funds back to your casino account upon changing your mind.

Moreover, reverse cashouts allow you to move more funds into your account without having to make another deposit. Re-depositing isn’t the end of the world. But most gamblers would rather initiate a quick reversal rather than going through the deposit process again.

Why Do Online Casinos Offer Reverse Withdrawals?

I mentioned above that reverse cashouts are a convenient way to change your mind and continue gambling with pending funds. But there’s a potentially nefarious reason for why casinos offer this option.

A gaming site theoretically benefits when you cancel your withdrawal and keep playing with the funds. After all, this increases the chances that you’ll lose more money.

Let’s look an example of how this can happen:

  • You decide to cash out $300.
  • You quickly grow impatient and cancel your request after 12 hours.
  • You begin playing a slot with 95% payback (5% house edge).
  • You perform 1,000 spins worth $1 each ($1,000 wagered).
  • 1,000 x 0.05 = $50 lost

Rather than simply getting your full $300 out, your potential withdrawal is now worth $250. Gaming sites have the edge in every game. Therefore, it only makes sense that they want you to play as much as possible.

Reverse cashouts leave the possibility that you’ll change your mind and play more games. And if you get caught in the loop of continually reversing withdrawals, then you might just continue gambling until all the funds are gone.

Why Is Manual Flushing Important?

You don’t initially choose to withdraw money from an online casino just so that you can later reverse this decision and risk more money. Instead, you’re making a conscious decision to move these funds into a desired banking option.

Of course, not all online gamblers are great at self-control. And having the ability to reverse your cashout with no safeguards in place increases the chances that you’ll blow more withdrawal money. Manual flushing is a good way to prevent this from ever happening. Upon requesting a cashout, you can immediately contact customer service through live chat.

Following a short conversation, the rep will manually flush your pending withdrawal so that you can’t gamble with it. You instead must wait until the money hits your desired banking option and then make another deposit. By this point, you may not even feel like playing with the funds again. In summary, manual flushing removes the short-term temptation to reverse a cashout and possibly lose some or all of the amount.

What Online Casinos Offer Manual Flushing?

The biggest problem with manual flushing is that it’s not offered at the majority of internet casinos. Instead, this option is mostly featured in regulated markets.

The United Kingdom is a great example, because many online casinos that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission also feature manual flushing. Examples of UKGC-licensed sites that have his option include Bet365, Casumo, ComeOn, Guts, LeoVegas, SlotsMillion, Trada, West, and VideoSlots.

Of course, this isn’t to say that you must live in the UK just to use manual flashing. Instead, you can also find this at internet casinos licensed in other jurisdictions. BitStarz is a good example, because this Curacao-licensed site serves nearly every country and features account flushing.

A good way to find out if your casino features manual flushing is to google it along with the term “manual flushing.” You can also find sites that list casinos with this option.

Should You Ever Play at an Online Casino without Manual Flushing?

Most internet casinos don’t let you flush your account. You’re cutting out a large portion of gaming sites if you refuse to play anywhere that doesn’t feature this choice. I don’t necessarily suggest that you avoid every casino without account flushing. But doing so is a wise choice if you struggle to avoid reversing withdrawals.

Most of this decision comes down to your own self-control. Can you wait 24-48 hours until your money is officially moved into your bank account or eWallet? A good deal of online gamblers can’t, at least not all of the time. If you find yourself in this category, then you should do an extensive search for gaming sites that offer manual flushing.

The key is to find a site that features this choice in your jurisdiction. The options become more limited when you’re in grey markets, such as the US or Canada. Nonetheless, you should be able to find at least one site that serves your jurisdiction and allows you to manually flush funds.

Do Reverse Withdrawals Offer Any Benefits?

I’ve made reverse withdrawing out to be the bad guy so far. But there are some benefits to using this option, especially if you have no problem with sticking to your limits. First off, you may initiate a withdrawal only to later find out that the casino is featuring an interesting new slot. You can quickly reverse your cashout and start playing the game.

This scenario beats waiting on the transaction to process, only to turn around and make another deposit after the money hits your bank. You might run into the same situation with a new promotion that looks enticing. Reversing the withdrawal allows you to get your funds back and participate in the promo right away.

What Can You Do if Your Favorite Online Casino Doesn’t Offer Manual Flushing?

If you struggle to avoid gambling money that’s meant to be cashed out, then you should strongly consider looking for a casino that features manual flushing. I explained before that you should be able to find at least one gaming site in your jurisdiction with manual flushing.

But what if you love a certain online casino that lacks this feature? The first step is to consider whether you have a serious problem with reversing cashouts and continuing to gamble. If so, then you definitely need to find a gaming site with manual flushing.

If you only have a mild problem, you can try light techniques to calm yourself upon having urges to reverse cashouts. One of the simplest ways to deal with this is by controlling your impulses. Reversing a withdrawal is often an impulse that’s cause by wanting more action. When you catch yourself falling into this trap, take a few deep breaths and think about what’s really going on.

Are you trying to procrastinate from doing something else by gambling online instead? Are you tilting over a poor gambling session and want to win everything back? Identifying the driving force that makes you want to reverse withdraw can help prevent you from doing so.

It also helps to engage in other activities that get you away from your smartphone or PC. Working in the yard, playing a sport, or putting in extra hours at your job are all ways to pass the time until your cashout is processed. Again, though, the easiest way to stop from reversing cashouts is to find a site that offers manual flushing.

The sole reason for cashing out is to have funds sent from your casino to a chosen banking method. But even gamblers with the strongest resolve may catch themselves wanting to reverse a withdrawal from time to time.Manual flushing helps solve this problem by holding your withdrawal until it’s processed. This option removes any chance that you have of reversing the cashout and playing with the money. Most casinos with manual flushing require that you contact support so that they can flush the funds. But some sites feature automatic flushing, where your money is always held until it’s processed.

Automatic flushing is the best option if you don’t want the hassle of contacting customer service. However, it only takes a few minutes to complete manual flushing through live chat. Reverse withdrawals aren’t entirely evil, because they can be used to quickly pull your funds back for one reason or another.

You may suddenly find a new slot or promotion that you want to take advantage of. A reverse cashout ensures that you can access funds without waiting for the money to clear and making another deposit.

Overall, though, reverse withdrawals create the temptation to burn through money that’s meant to be cashed out. Many players are happier in the long run if the decision to reverse withdrawals is completely taken out of their hands.

If you’re in this category, then you should definitely search for a gaming site with manual flushing. You’ll have an easier time of doing so if you live in a regulated jurisdiction, where there’s a stronger commitment to problem gambling. But even players from unregulated markets like Canada and the US can find at least one casino that’s willing to flush their accounts upon request.

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