UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and UFC President Dana White have been going back and forth at each other since last week.

Their disagreement began after Jon Jones insinuated at moving up in weight class for a super fight against the UFC’s #1 heavyweight contender Francis Ngannou. At first, White said that he didn’t believe that the two wanted to fight each other but then Jones revealed that the UFC didn’t want to compensate him for taking on a big challenge like Ngannou. Soon, Jones and White got into each other’s faces and the two have been throwing verbal jabs at each other.

With all that is happening to Jon Jones, UFC bookmakers have come up with prop bets for the UFC 205 pound champion’s future. Let’s take a look at those and make our predictions:

“Fighting" Jones’ UFC Future

After UC President Dana White accused Jones of demanding “Deontay Wilder money”, Jones fired back and called the UFC president a liar. In one of his tweets, Jones even dared White to release him from his UFC contract.

In the following days, Jones declared that he would be vacating the 205-pound title. Then he later said that he would like to see Dominic Reyes and Jan Blachowicz fight for the light heavyweight title. He added that he would gain nothing from fighting either Reyes or Blachowicz. Jones also hinted that he would be ready in 2021 if the UFC is ready to book him to a fight against current middleweight champion Israel Adesanya.

Jon Jones Fights in UFC in 2020





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But after everything that was said, UFC President Dana White came out to say that he believes that everything will be settled soon. White called Jones a “partner” instead of an employee. The UFC boss also said that while there are issues where he and Jones disagree, he believes that at the end of the day, they will figure things out.

I don’t think that the UFC is ready to release Jon Jones. And I don’t think that Jon isn’t serious about leaving the UFC. With Jones it isn’t so much about the money, rather it’s about his legacy. If he thinks he doesn’t gain anything from fighting the likes of Dominick Reyes and Jan Blachowicz, then there is no reason for him to fight elsewhere where the opposition is much inferior.

Prediction: Yes, Jon’s next fight will still be in the UFC -180

“Fighting" Jon’s Next Fight

Aside from asking to be released from the UFC, Jones also hinted at trying his luck in boxing in one of his Twitter rants.

It can be recalled that Irish MMA superstar Conor McGregor fought Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a boxing match in 2017 and got paid handsomely to do so. McGregor lost the bout but he earned a reported $100M for that boxing bout. I’m not saying that Jon Jones gets the same offer but if Bones wants to box, there will be takers.

What are the Moneyline Odds?





Odds were taken from SportsBetting as of 06/07/2020

Right after Jones made that “move to box” statement, he immediately got an offer from former UFC fighter Jimi Manuwa. Replying to Jones’ tweet, Manuwa said: “If Jon wants to box, I’d be more than willing to.” When a fan asked Manuwa why Jones would box him instead of an actual boxer, Poster Boy replied that a real boxer would “smoke” Jon Jones.

Manuway retired from the UFC in 2019 and he hasn’t won a fight in three years. Poster Boy lost six out of his last nine UFC bouts, including his last four before his retirement. The 40-year old British-American fighter has not fought competitively since he walked away from the UFC.

Jones hasn’t responded to Manuwa’s challenge and it’s unlikely that he will. I’m not sure if this is the boxing match that interests Jones and if Manuwa poses the challenge that Bones is looking for. As for Jones, Maybe he just made that “boxing” statement out of anger and frustration. He is an excellent striker inside the octagon, but he is better with his elbows than his punches.

Prediction: I don’t think Jon Jones will be boxing anytime soon. The bet here is MMA -400

“Fighting" Fight or Arrest

Jon Jones has been involved in several controversial issues that have led to his arrest. In 2012, he drove his car to a telephone pole in Binghamton, New York and he was arrested for DUI. He pleaded guilty and his license was suspended for six months. Two years later, he was sentenced to 40 hours of community service following his brawl with Daniel Cormier in the lead-up to UFC 178.

In April 2015, Jones was again arrested in Albuquerque, New Mexico after he was involved in a hit and run incident. Jones was charged with a felony. He was sentenced to 18 months of probation and community service. Last July 2019, Jones charged with battery after a waitress accused him of hitting and assaulting her. He pleaded no contest and received 90-day probation.

What Happens First?

MMA or Boxing Fight


Gets Arrested


Odds were taken from SportsBetting as of 06/07/2020

Last March 26, 2020, Jones was once again arrested in Albuquerque after he failed a sobriety test administered by officers who responded to a gunshot sound. When the police searched his vehicle, they found an empty bottle of Recuerdo Mecal and a handgun. He was charged with aggravated DWI, negligent use of a firearm, possession of an open container, and driving without proof of insurance. Again, Jones evaded prison time and was sentenced to four days of house arrest, one year of supervised probation, a minimum of 90 days of outpatient therapy, and 48 hours of community service.

I mean Jon Jones is a trouble magnet but given that he is still under supervised probation, I think there is less probability that he gets arrested before he fights again. Sure, he told the UFC “see you in one year or two” after his proposal to fight Francis Ngannou was rejected but you can say anything when you’re angry. I like the plus money of +150 for Jones getting arrested before he fights again but, no I think he settles his beef with Dana White and fights first before his next arrest. Haha.

Prediction: MMA or Boxing Fight happens first at -200

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