Every year, a handful of NFL teams exceed expectations. They also receive the “underrated” label early on because they have all the right pieces in place to succeed, but everyone’s overlooking them.

In 2021-22, the Cincinnati Bengals were one of the best teams in the NFL, culminating in a Super Bowl appearance. However, they only won four games the year prior, proving that teams under the radar can easily shake up the NFL landscape.

I want to highlight some of the most underrated NFL teams in 2022 and explain why they could surprise everyone. These teams could also contend for division and conference titles, even if most people don’t expect that.

Football Dallas Cowboys

  • Record Last Year: 12-5
  • Win Totals Line for 2022-23: 10.5 Wins
  • Odds to win the Super Bowl; +2200

Everyone seems convinced that Dallas will underperform in 2022, which I find pretty absurd. If anything, the Cowboys are one of the most underrated football teams entering the season. They also play in the NFC East, which tends to fizzle out once the season gets underway.

Dallas has one of the best NFL quarterbacks in Dak Prescott. Furthermore, the Cowboys retained their entire coaching staff from last season, providing continuity for the team heading into 2022.

Offensive coordinator Kellen Moore and defensive coordinator Dan Quinn will remain with the team. These two highly sought-after NFL assistants will hold a head coaching position at some point in the future.

It’s still uncertain if the Cowboys can win a championship in 2022-23, but the team has playmakers on both offense and defense. Dallas has all the ingredients to go on a successful run this season.

Overall, the Cowboys have a lot to prove, but things are trending in the right direction for Dallas. They have a star quarterback and top-10 wide receiver on offense to go along with the excellent defense from last year.

The latest NFL betting lines suggest the Cowboys should win around 10 games, but I expect more like 12 or even more.

Football Detroit Lions

  • Record Last Year: 3-13-1
  • Win Totals Line for 2022-23: 6.5 Wins
  • Odds to win the Super Bowl; +12500

The Lions are long shots to win a Super Bowl in 2022-23. However, this team is much improved from last season, which is why I recognize Detroit as one of the most underrated NFL teams of 2022.

Detroit’s head coach, Dan Campbell, certainly has the full support of the entire organization. He has an animated personality and knows how to get the most out of his players.

The team struggled in 2021-22, but the belief is that Campbell’s second season should yield more success. The Lions right now have a much more talented roster all over the pitch.

The offensive line for the Lions is markedly better than last season. If they can protect Jared Goff and give him more time in the pocket, Detroit will score a lot more touchdowns in 2022-23.

The team also signed several notable players during the offseason. This includes top rookies Jameson Williams and Aiden Hutchinson and veteran players DJ Chark and Mike Hughes.

Let’s also not forget that the Lions will retain several key contributors from last season. Furthermore, with both TJ Hockenson and Jeff Okudah fully healthy, the team should be more competitive in 2022-23.

Football San Francisco 49ers

  • Record Last Year: 10-7
  • Win Totals Line for 2022-23: 9.5 Wins
  • Odds to win the Super Bowl; +1600

The 49ers are difficult to gauge in terms of how many games they’ll win in 2022-23. There’s no question that they’re one of the NFL teams that are underrated, but how will they perform with QB Trey Lance taking over the starting role?

Making a major quarterback change will create doubt about the team’s chances of reaching the playoffs again. However, Lance is a rare talent who can potentially develop into a superstar. Under head coach Kyle Shanahan, the quarterback can thrive.

Many praise Shanahan for his innovative approach to football and tailoring his system around his players’ strengths. There’s also no denying Lance is physically gifted, which helps open up the offensive playbook for Shanahan.

It’s worth mentioning that the 49ers play in one of the toughest NFL divisions – the NFC West. They have their work cut out for them, but with enough weapons on offense and defense, the team should be able to succeed right now.

Football Denver Broncos

  • Record Last Year: 7-10
  • Win Totals Line for 2022-23: 9 Wins
  • Odds to win the Super Bowl; +2200

The Broncos made one of the biggest offseason moves by acquiring QB Russell Wilson in a trade with the Seahawks. This addition makes them competitive in the AFC West, a division that will be difficult to win.

Many argue that the Russell Wilson trade was the most blockbuster move ever made in the NFL. He’s still in the prime of his career and has won a Super Bowl. He also has nine Pro Bowl selections in his career, which is beyond impressive.

The desire to win now feels more feasible now that Wilson is on the roster. The Broncos have depth at almost every position, making them one of the more well-rounded teams in the NFL. Denver also wouldn’t have traded for Wilson if the team didn’t have faith in their roster.

Many believe Denver is now a title contender with Russell Wilson in the fold. However, the AFC West is arguably the toughest division in the NFL. The Chargers and Raiders were especially active during the offseason, with both teams making moves to bolster their rosters.

Even if the Broncos fail to qualify for the NFL Playoffs, I expect a better record than most people and betting sites project.

Football Carolina Panthers

  • Record Last Year: 5-12
  • Win Totals Line for 2022-23: 6.5 Wins
  • Odds to win the Super Bowl: +12500

Many bettors are searching for sleeper teams right now, and the Panthers could be one of them. They’re one of my most underrated teams in 2022 simply because no one expects them to succeed.

The Panthers play in a division where two other teams – the Falcons and Saints – are also unknowns at this point. I don’t have a ton of faith in either of these teams except the Panthers, who acquired Baker Mayfield – a proven NFL quarterback.

In the NFC South, you have multiple teams that you could choose as the most underrated. The Panthers, however, have a good roster overall – they have plenty of young talent on offense and defense.

The biggest concern for me is head coach Matt Rhule, whose NFL coaching career has been the opposite of spectacular. The big question is this: will he squander what will be his last opportunity to show that he can coach at the NFL level? So far, he’s yet to prove his worth.

Football Betting on Underrated NFL Teams

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