The Super Bowl LIII WR props are ripe for the picking at the online sportsbooks, and you will find a lot of useful information about them on this page. If you use it wisely, you may come away with a hefty profit to cap off the season.

You definitely need to make fully informed wagers, and you have to place them at an online sportsbook that you can trust. Our research team has evaluated all of the major sports betting sites, and the sportsbooks listed below are the cream of the crop.

New England Patriots Super Bowl LIII Wide Receiver Props

The first thing that you have to take into consideration when you are looking at these wide receiver propositions is the overall number of passes that will be thrown. There is certainly a strong sample size to draw from when you are estimating Tom Brady’s pass attempt number.

In all, Brady has appeared in eight NFL championship tilts, but we will focus on the last three here, because they are very recent. In the Eagles game a year ago, he put the ball in the air 48 times. The year before that, he threw 62 passes in the unlikely comeback win over the Falcons.

In Super Bowl XLIX versus the Seattle Seahawks, he landed on the half a century mark for pass attempts. If past history is any indication, Patriots wide receivers will get plenty of chances to put up numbers.

Julian Edelman Receiving Yards Over/Under 79½

The over is -125, and the under is -105. Edelman has eclipsed this total by a significant margin in each of the previous two playoff games this year. I see no reason why he won’t do it again.

Julian Edelman Pass Receptions Over/Under 7

Like the other Edelman prop, MyBookie has the over on this one at -125 and the under at -105. He has caught more than seven passes in just four of the 14 games he has played during the current campaign. There’s no edge here either way.

Phillip Dorsett Receiving Yards Over/Under 32½

Dorsett caught one pass against the Chiefs for 29 yards, and he registered 41 yards in the previous game. The over and the under are the same at -115, and this one looks like a coin flip.

Phillip Dorsett Pass Receptions Over/Under 3

You have to lay -125 on the under, and the over is -105. He bested this number in two of his last three, so the over may be a play here.

Rob Gronkowski Receiving Yards Over/Under 47½

He hasn’t been the Gronk of old this year, but he showed signs of life in the AFC Championship game with 79 yards. The over is favored at -145, and the under is +115. I have a strong opinion on the over; he will give everything he has left in the tank.

Rob Gronkowski Pass Receptions Over/Under 4

Over is -120, under is -110, and I’ll stay away because I think the 4 is right on the money.

Chris Hogan Receiving Yards Over/Under 37½

Hogan gained 45 against the Chiefs and just 13 in the Charger blowout. It’s -115 any which way and I’ll stay away.

Chris Hogan Pass Receptions Over/Under 2½

You’re looking at -135 on the over, and +100 on the under, and I am looking elsewhere for a proposition bet that I feel good about.

Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl LIII Wide Receiver Props

We don’t have a Super Bowl history to go by when it comes to third year Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff. His passing attempts have been somewhat limited over recent games, and it has looked to me as though Sean McVay has been trying to protect Goff from himself.

He threw 28 passes against the Dallas Cowboys in the first Rams playoff game, and he put it up 40 times in New Orleans. However, the Saints made it impossible for them to run effectively.

Unfortunately, there is no crystal ball available that gives us a glimpse into the Rams game plan, and we have no way of knowing if they will be forced to pass because they fall behind. Of course, that’s why they call it gambling.

Robert Woods Receiving Yards Over/Under 80½

The money line is evenly split at -115 both ways. He has gained less than 80 yards receiving in eight of his last nine games and 10 of his last 12. I like the under.

Robert Woods Pass Receptions Over/Under 5½

The plurality of bettors like the over, and they have pushed the odds up to -150, and the under is +120. He has caught at least six passes in five of his last six games, and that speaks for itself.

Brandin Cooks Receiving Yards Over/Under 77½

Cooks skewered his former teammates in New Orleans to the tune of 117 receiving yards. Before you start salivating over this line, you should know that he did not accumulate more than 65 yards in any of the previous six games. The over is -110, and the under is -120.

Brandin Cooks Pass Receptions Over/Under 5½

More people like the over, so you have to lay $125 to win $100 if you go in that direction, and the under is -105. He has failed to catch at least six passes in five of his last seven outings. Your guess is as good as mine here.

Tyler Higbee Receiving Yards Over/Under 20½

For the big Rams tight end the odds are -115 on either side of the receiving yards prop. He has exceeded this figure in both playoff games and the last regular season game, so I would take a shot on the over.

Tyler Higbee Pass Receptions Over/Under 1½

He caught four in the NFC Championship game and he gathered in a pair in the win over the Cowboys. The over is -135, and the under is +105. I’d take the over if I was to bet this, and I just might.

Josh Reynolds Receiving Yards Over/Under 38½

Reynolds has gotten his share of targets late in the season, and he has taken advantage of the opportunities. He ran up 74 receiving yards in the Superdome, and he has amassed at least 44 yards in four of his last six contests.

Over is posted at -130 at MyBookie, and under is even money. I like the over quite a bit with all of the defensive focus being on Cooks and Woods.

Josh Reynolds Pass Receptions Over/Under 3½

You need to lay -105 if you are on the over, and the under is at -125. I see no trend that would lead me to bet on either side of this proposition.

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