The annual Super Bowl is the most bet sporting event in the United States every year.

But what makes the Super Bowl such isn’t just the regular bets on the Moneyline, Spread, and totals. As the biggest sporting event of every ear, countless Super Bowl prop bets come up in the weeks leading to the game. Super Bowl 57 is no exception.

Prop Bets come in different forms and types. Let’s take a look at the different types of prop bets that you can bet on at Super Bowl 57.

Type of Prop Bets

Although there are probably thousands of prop bets out there, there are basically three kinds of prop bets during the Super Bowl. These are:

Player Prop Bets

Player prop bets are those related to the performance of the players on the football field. The most common player prop bets are the over/under on player statistics like -passing yards, passing TDs, interceptions, rushing yards, rushing touchdowns, receiving yards, receiving touchdowns, no of receptions, longest catch, longest run, and field goal made, among others.

Then there are also the first, last, and anytime player prop bets which include touchdown scorers, and the first player to score for a team. There are also player prop bets on how many TD passes, TD catches, TD run,

Team Prop Bets

Team prop bets deal with wagers that depend on the performance of either the Chiefs or Eagles. Samples of these are which team gets to punt first, which team gets to score first, the teams’ first drive outcome, first scoring play, and head-to-head team props like which team will score 10 or 20 points first, the team with the most TDs, the Longest play from scrimmage, and others.

These prop bets also include quarter props, half prop odds, first/second half winner, and many more.

Exotic Prop Bets

Exotic prop bets are special proposition bets that are not related to the performance of teams, players, or the outcome of the game. These bets don’t need the skill to handicap and you won’t have the player or team stats to back up your picks. However, these are the most exciting of all Super Bowl 57 prop bets.

These bets include the incredibly popular coin toss heads or tails bet, the over/under time for the singing of the national anthem before the start of the game, and plenty of halftime show-related bets. After the game, there’s a popular exotic prop bet about which color of Gatorade will the winning head coach bathe in. There is also a prop bet on whether there will be a marriage proposal on the field after the game and who the Super Bowl MVP thanked first during his speech.

Ready for Some Player Prop Bets?

If you go to the online sportsbook BetOnline, you can find a litany of prop bets there. There are too many to mention but we will talk about some of the prop bets we saw there that might be worth your bankroll.

When it comes to player prop bets, there’s no question that the most popular ones will be those related to the stars playing in Super Bowl 57 – Patrick Mahomes, Jalen Hurts, Travis Kelce, and AJ Brown are the first names that come to mind. Given the popularity of these players, they should also be the most popular bets in the Super Bowl 57 prop betting market.

Let’s start.

Mahomes and Kelce have played in the Super Bowl before, in fact twice, so we have historical numbers to back up our predictions. Mahomes threw for 286 and 270 yards in his first two Super Bowl appearances. The Chiefs QB had 2 passing TDs and 2 INTS against the 49ers in 2020 and had zero touchdowns and 2 picks against the Bucs in 2021.

At, Mahomes’ over/under passing TDs is set at 2.5 while the over/under on his passing yard total is at 287.5 yards.

Kelce’s totals in 2 Super Bowl appearances are 16 catches and 176 receiving yards. He has a current streak of 8 postseason games with 75+ receiving yards, including a massive 133 in his most recent Super Bowl appearance. Kelce has caught a total of 21 passes in Kansas City’s two playoff games this season.

At, Kelce’s over/under receiving yards is set at 78.5 while at Bovada, his over/under catches are listed at 7.5.

Meanwhile, Jalen Hurts has scored 2 rushing TDs in Philly’s two playoff games. He also had 15 rushing touchdowns during the regular season for the Eagles. But Hurts has passed for fewer than 200 yards in each of his first two playoff games played this season. He also topped the 250-passing yard mark only 5 times during the regular season.

According to BetOnline, Hurts’ over/under passing yards are set at 242.5. Meanwhile, he is also listed at -105 via Bovada to score a touchdown at Super Bowl 57.

On the other hand, AJ Brown has been a key pass catcher for the Eagles during the regular season and ranked 4th in the NFL with 1,496 yards. However, he has caught only 50 yards in two postseason games so far.

Brown’s over/under receiving yards at Bovada are listed at 72.5.

Based on the odds, betting trends, and stats mentioned above, below are some of the best player prop bets to consider at Super Bowl 57:

  • Patrick Mahomes over 287.5 passing yards
  • Patrick Mahomes over 2.5 touchdowns
  • Travis Kelce over 7.5 catches
  • Travis Kelce over 78.5 yards
  • Jalen Hurts under 242.5 passing yards
  • Jalen Hurts anytime touchdown scorer
  • AJ Brown under receiving yards

Ok, let me explain.

Mahomes and Kelce are like Brady and Gronk for the Patriots. These go together like spoon and fork. The Chiefs pride themselves as the best offensive team in the NBA. Their defense is improved but for Kansas City to beat Philadelphia at Super Bowl 57, the Chiefs’ offense must be at its best. And that means Mahomes and Kelce taking up heavy loads.

Meanwhile, the Eagles love to run the football and no question, Jalen Hurts is their best chance to score on the ground given that, well, he touches the football in every offensive snap. Hurts was a scoring machine on the ground during the regular season and we’ve seen him rush for a couple of scores in the playoffs. No doubt, the Eagles will look for him again at Super Bowl 57.

As for AJ Brown, there is no doubt he was one of the best receivers during the regular season. And I won’t blame you if you take the over on Brown’s receiving yards prop bet. But I think the key for the Eagles in this game would be to slow down the Kansas City scoring machine and that can be done by doing what they do best – running the football.

Let’s Try Exotic Prop Betting Next.

Our Top Exotic Prop Bets

The Coin Toss Prop Bet

Perhaps the most popular exotic prop bet in any Super Bowl is the coin toss. After all, this one has a 50% chance of cashing – just heads or tails, right? But when you talk about the coin toss, it’s not just “that’ coin toss bet. Let’s start talking.

We said it’s 50-50 and historically, it has been almost that. Tails has won 29 times or 52% while heads prevailed in 27 Super Bowls or 48%. Last year, it was heads and heads has hit in back-to-back Super Bowls and four out of the last 5.

The Bengals won the coin toss last year via heads after the Rams called tails but Cincinnati lost the game. In the previous 56 Super Bowls played, only 25 teams that won the coin toss won the game. In fact, the last 8 teams to win the count toss have gone on to lose the Super Bowl, and the last team to win both the toss and game was Seattle against Denver during the 2013-14 NFL season.

If we base on the trends we mentioned above, these are the coin toss prop bets I would make:

  • Coin toss result – heads
  • Coin toss winner to lose the game

Gatorade Bath Color Prop Bet

Orange has been the color 5 times, including when the Chiefs won in 2020 while Blue and clear are next at 4 apiece. Meanwhile, yellow has hit 3 times since this prop bet was first created while purple has been the color two times.

Blue is the current favorite at +140 as it was the color that the Rams dumped on Sean McVay’s head. Yellow, green, or lime is second at +200 and that was the color that was poured on Doug Pederson when the Eagles won in 2018. Orange is next at +340 and it is the most popular color used this century plus it was the color Andy Reid saw when the Chiefs won.

My prediction? I’m going with betting value and history here and taking the orange.

National Anthem over/under Prop Bet

Last year, the total time for the national anthem was set at 1 minute and 35 seconds or 95 seconds. Mickey Guyton went over that total by 17 ticks at 1 minute and 52 seconds. This year, the odds for Chris Stapleton to sing the Star Spangled Banner have been set at 125 seconds.

This year’s over/under time for the National Anthem is tough to make a guess on because there is no video of Stapleton singing the U.S. National Anthem anywhere on the internet.

Historically, the over has hit six times and the under five times with one push since 2010.

When making this bet, bear in mind that the stopwatch ends as soon as the singer is done singing “Brave” at the end of the song. I don’t think Stapleton will do a Christina Aguilera on February 12th but given that it’s a guitar solo, he could easily be carried away. Because of that, I will have to gamble on the OVER for this bet.

Tips for Super Bowl Prop Betting

While betting on Super Bowl 57 prop bets is fun, you have to have a strategy in order to get the most out of your bankroll. Keep these three tips in mind before placing your prop bet:

Don’t Bet Against Yourself

With thousands of Super Bowl 57 bets available, it’s easy to get tangled up and end up contradicting your previous wagers. If you bet on props, it almost always comes after placing a bet on the game itself- moneyline, spread, or total. Because of this, it’s not wise to mix your choices.

For example, if you bet on the Chiefs, then it would be best to bet on Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, or any Kansas City player to win Super Bowl MVP honors. Likewise, if you are betting the OVER on the total, don’t go UNDER when you bet on the scoring, passing, and rushing props.

Don’t Wait for Super Bowl Sunday to Make Your Prop Bets

Betting on props used to be considered “square betting”. But with the vast expansion of bet offerings and the rise of advanced analytics, professional gamblers, and sharp bettors are putting their money on prop bets.

So if you’re trying to get the best value on prop bets, keep an eye on the odds movement 12-24 hours after these prop bets go live. Oddsmakers are quick to adjust the odds on these betting markets if they see sharp opinions. If you wait too long before writing that betting ticket, you will likely end up getting the worst of the numbers. So be on the lookout, and bet while the top NFL sportsbooks have yet to shorten the odds.

Shop for the Best Odds

Because prop betting has become an event itself on Super Bowl Sunday, every sportsbook out there has its own set of prop bets. Some have a wider variety of prop bets available. Some prop bets may be present in one sportsbook but they do not appear in another. But there are top prop bets which are available at many or even all sportsbooks.

So before you place a prop bet, you have to shop for the best odds. If there is more than one online sportsbook available in your area, check out all the betting sites and compare the odds.

Yes, the sportsbooks compare notes when putting up their odds boards. However, because of the stiff competition between these oddsmakers, these odds have a slight variance from one operator to another. Place your bet on a reputable sportsbook that has the best odds for the prop you want to bet on because that will maximize your winnings.

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