Casinos are great locations to spend some spare time enjoying slot machines, table games, and many other options. Whether physical or online, casinos always offer their customers a good time. That’s the point, isn’t it? The truth is they might be entertaining us a little too well.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the top secrets the casino doesn’t want you to know. We understand if you’re a little skeptical. After all, what could a casino possibly hide from players? What could be so secretive as to warrant a whole article about secrets the casino doesn’t want you to know?

What we’re about to reveal could change your opinion on casinos forever! Or (hopefully) it will make you a little more aware of what you’re getting yourself into, thereby enhancing your gaming experience. All right let’s pull back the curtain and reveal the top secrets the casino doesn’t want you to know!

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Where Has the Time Gone?

This one isn’t much of a secret, but something to be aware of when it comes to land-based casinos. Next time you’re in a casino, look around. See any clocks on the wall? How about windows? Probably not. In fact, some casinos tint the front door, cutting out all natural light.

Casinos don’t want you to be aware of how long you’ve been sitting at your favorite machine. Obviously, the idea is that you get lost in the enjoyment of placing bets on the different machines and games and time ebbs by in an instant. If you glance up and see a clock telling you it’s 4 a.m., then you’ll probably get up and go to bed (or maybe head to the breakfast buffet). That’s good news for you, but potentially bad news for the casino as you also won’t be placing any more bets that day.

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Land-Based Casino Lighting

Whenever you step foot in a brick and mortar casino, you probably won’t notice the lighting. Next time you sit at the blackjack table, look up. The lighting in the casino is meant to mimic the kind of lighting that you have in your living room. It’s soft and distant. It gives you that warm and cozy feeling, making you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Suddenly you don’t feel like leaving the table. You’d rather stay right where you are, even if you are on a losing streak.

Obviously, this doesn’t relate to online casinos, as you’re playing from home anyway, so, unless you’re specifically playing in your living room or near warm lighting, it’s immaterial. Yet, the brick and mortar establishments are purposely set up in that way to fool your brain and body into believing you’re as comfortable as you would be at home.

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The House Edge

The house always wins. We’ve all heard it before, but is it true? Is the house always a winner? It depends on what you play. If you’re playing at the roulette table, you’re going to lose more than half of your bets because it’s a luck-based game with a large house edge. However, optimal play in skill-based games, like video poker and blackjack, can make the house edge razor thin.

Simply put, the house always wins because they have more money than you. Even with comped drinks, meal credits, and free rooms, you’re never going to run them dry. That’s why you should never try to get even at the casino. For every dollar you win, someone at the other table just lost double. The house wins again.

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Big Brother is Watching You!

Entering a land-based casino usually means a security team is constantly watching you – be that through physical security guards or (more likely) security cameras. Security is a top priority for brick and mortar casinos, and they don’t skimp out. From the moment you step foot in a casino, you’re on camera. Every play you make, every step you take, they’ll be watching you.

This is primarily for your security, as it enables the casino to look out for any criminals who prey on tourists. Some of these security cameras can zoom in enough to be able to see your cards. Just be aware that there could be a guard in a surveillance room somewhere, watching your every move.

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Poker is Less Securely Watched

While cameras cover most of the casino, the poker rooms are a little laxer. Because poker players are going against each other, rather than the house, there’s less incentive to watch over them. If someone cheats in poker, it’s up to the dealer and the other players to point it out. The cameras might not catch it.

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Dealers Cannot Inform You When You’ve Gone Too Far

You’re standing at the roulette table, and you put it all on 00. Even if you’ve got that wild look in your eye, it’s not the croupier’s job to hold you back. It’s your money. They can’t tell you when you’ve had enough. They’re only there to oversee bets and make sure the winnings go to the right players.

While the dealers might feel bad for you, it’s not their job to tell you, “You’ve played enough, you should save some money and leave.”

While the dealer can’t help you, you should still give them a tip. They work hard to entertain hundreds of people a day, the least you could do is throw them a few chips. Speaking of tips…

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Cleanliness – A Tip

One final thing to remember about casinos is that the chips you use for table games and such are never cleaned. They just float around the casino, being touched by dozens of people as they travel from the loser’s hand, to the dealer’s pockets, to the cage, and into your hands.

For this reason, it’s highly recommended you wash your hands after handling casino chips. You never know what the last person to handle them had on their hands.

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Secrets Revealed

Casinos are fun places to play interesting games and place bets on various offerings. Now that we’ve pulled back the curtain, you know what to look for. When you keep an eye on your phone, you’ll never wonder what time it is when you walk up the next machine. Although, if you choose skill-based games with a slim house edge, you can play longer. Just be sure to wash your hands after you cash your winnings.

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