Seoul Dynasty (+1200)

The Seoul Dynasty were a fringe playoff contender in Season 1 of Overwatch League, and through a series of young signings, they are looking to push into the playoffs in Season 2.


The Dynasty are built mostly on the core of probably the most successful Overwatch team in the pre-OWL years. Lunatic-Hai, the original Korean juggernaut, was the absolute peak of Overwatch in 2017. They dominated Overwatch APEX seasons 2 and 3 and were one of the most recognized brands in the sport (rivaled only by RunAway and Team EnVyUs).

On the backs of their top tier support play, mostly due to superstar ryujehong and his partner in crime tobi, they looked like early favorites to take season 1 of Overwatch League. They remained playoff hopefuls until Stage 4, where thy placed 10th out of 12, surpassing only the Florida Mayhem and the still winless Shanghai Dragons.

Looking Forward

The Seoul Dynasty acquired Fissure from the Los Angeles Gladiators, one of the all-star tank players in the Overwatch League. He should bolster Dynasty’s tank line, which, in conjuction with their all-star supports, should turn them into a force to be reckoned with. They have shored up their roster with several lesser known free agent signings, including the tank and flex duo from Lucky Future Zenith, a team which has been picked apart in full by Overwatch League teams.

How Do They Look?

Season 2 could be a chance for the Dynasty to claw back some of that success they saw in a bygone era. The team is full of veteran players, who have spent a year in the Overwatch League already, and who are used to winning.

This veterancy will be necessary, especially when relying on such young new additions. Implementing those players into the lineup early in the season will be crucial come stages three and four.


The Dynasty don’t have the most daunting of schedules. Their early matchups include the Gladiators, the Fuel, the Hunters, the Uprising, and NYXL. If they can go 3-2 over this five game stretch, they’ve already put themselves in a great position for the rest of the stage.

Playoffs are certainly not out of reach for the Dynasty. And if they can make it there, who knows? It’s really hard to win playoffs when you aren’t playing. Once you’ve made the playoffs however, all that stands in between you and the trophy are a best-of-five and two best-of-sevens.

If the Dynasty can at least put themselves in a spot where they can succeed, it doesn’t seem unlikely for them to rise to the occasion and show flashes of that dominance we saw back in the pre-Overwatch League days. The game has evolved a lot since then, but it still requires aim, teamwork, and strategy, which the Dynasty definitely still have in spades.

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