Where is Disney going as a company? CEO Bob Iger stepped down recently only to come back, but we know that’s not permanent. Some bookies actually offerNext Disney CEO After Bob Iger betting odds, so it’s time to discuss who that person could be.

Several prominent candidates could inherit Iger, and I share my thoughts on all of them. Before we get there, let’s check the latest prices.

Next Disney CEO After Bob Iger Betting Odds

  • Kevin Mayer; +200
  • Adam Silver; +250
  • Dana Walden; +450
  • Christine McCarthy; +500
  • Josh D’Amaro; +700
  • Alan Bergman; +1200

The Next Disney CEO betting odds currently favor Kevin Mayer to assume the company’s top executive position. Mayer is the former CEO of the popular social media platform TikTok. Closely trailing him is Adam Silver, the current NBA commissioner.

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Top Favorites for Next Disney CEO After Bob Iger

I now want to analyze the main favorites before I dive into my prediction forNext Disney CEO after Bob Iger. Plenty of rumors and speculation are swirling about the person who’ll replace him. The candidates include former/current Disney executives and other rising stars.

The realistic options for the job aren’t that many, though. The board at Disney is going to be very methodical during their search, so I expect the following names to rise to the top of their list.

Kevin Mayer

  • Age: 61
  • Current Position: Co-CEO of Candle Media

Kevin Mayer seems to find success no matter what she decides to do. He’s a former Disney executive who was the front-runner to take over Iger’s position in 2020, but the board chose Bob Chapek over Mayer (Chapek lasted just two years in the position).

Mayer replacing Iger would make a ton of sense for Disney in terms of rectifying their business model. He was the former Chairman of Disney’s Direct-to-Consumer division and oversaw the launch of Disney+ and ESPN+.

The big issue with Disney is that the streaming services are struggling to remain financially viable. Bringing in Mayer, however, could rejuvenate the company on the digital side of the business. He has often consulted for Discovery, Inc.’s streaming services and know the company well.

During his tenure with Disney, Mayer also played a key role in landing multiple acquisitions for the company. He was involved in the deals for Pixar, Marvel Entertainment, Lucasfilm, and Maker Studios.

The guy has the experience and pedigree to land the job, but the odds are slightly short for my taste.

Adam Silver

  • Age: 61
  • Current Position: NBA Commissioner

Adam Silver is the most interesting name out of all the Disney CEO candidates. Multiple reports have surfaced about the current NBA commissioner being on the shortlist to succeed Iger. Silver also has close ties to Disney through the NBA’s relationship with ESPN (which Disney owns).

The 61-year-old has been one of the most commendable NBA Commissioners in league history. His tenure doesn’t contain a single major blemish, and many people credit him for the NBA’s dramatic revenue increases. Silver’s done a really good job, to say the least.

His reputation is good enough to land him the job, but he recentlysaid he has no intention of leaving the NBA. However, his current contract expires after the 2023-24 season. If there was ever an opportunity to explore new possibilities, now’s the time.

Dana Walden

  • Age: 58
  • Current Position: Co-Chairman of Entertainment at Disney

Dana Walden has the best chance of landing the CEO position out of every current Disney employee. She oversees the division that creates original content for Disney’s streaming services and is quickly climbing the ladder after joining the company in 2019.

Walden’s approach to creative content is her biggest advantage. She’s known to work closely with content creators and help nurture the storytelling process. In Iger’s first memo when he returned as CEO, he stated that Walden would be instrumental in working with Disney’s creative teams.

With the recent restructuring at Disney, it wouldn’t surprise me if the company chose Walden as the next CEO. Iger really likes her, and she’s on track to become a major power broker within the company. Walden is the best internal candidate for the job, and the odds for her to replace the current CEO are great.

Sleepers for the Next Disney CEO After Bob Iger

You should also consider targeting a sleeper candidate with your next Disney CEO prediction. You never know with such positions, so the value is often in unexpected places.

  • Bob Chapek (+6000). Could Chapek get his job back? It’s very unlikely, especially since it’s known that Iger thought he was incompetent and failing the company.
  • David Zaslav (+6000). Zaslav is the President and CEO of Warner Brothers Discovery. He’s got experience when it comes to running a major media company, but fans have often expressed displeasure over his executive decisions.
  • Vince McMahon (+3500). McMahon calling the shots at Disney would be weird, but he definitely has enough experience!

Next Disney CEO After Bob Iger Prediction and Betting Pick

I think the next CEO at Disney will be the person that Iger handpicks. The company trusts him, and he’s been the top decision-maker for 17 of the 19 past years. If it’s Iger who’s choosing his successor, I’d have to go with Walden for my prediction.

The only other candidate worth considering is Mayer. However, I just don’t think he’s the right person for the job. Walden is already in a position in which Disney could groom and prepare her to become the company’s next CEO.

The odds of +450 are very tasty, so I’m going for it.

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