Haven’t you always wondered whether that one thing you once heard about slot machines actually has any truth to it? Is it true that slot machines that have been paying like crazy are about to stop paying out for a long time? Does the auto spin option really affect your odds? We have taken some of the most well-known myths in the online gaming industry and dissected them in this article. Keep reading to find out just how little of what you hear about slot games is really true. And the next time somebody repeats another one of these myths to you, you will know exactly how to respond.

“They’re All the Same”

One thing you will hear from slot game skeptics pretty often is that all of the games are ultimately the same. So, roughly, it wouldn’t matter what slot you chose to play. They are all rigged and pay out in the exact same ways. In other words, it would be best if you didn’t bother wasting your time exploring different options. What’s the point if there’s no difference, right?

Wrong. There is a difference.

As a matter of fact, the differences are so many and so fundamental that that statement should be downright criminal.

First off, online slot games are not rigged. They can’t be. There is this thing called a random number generator that all slots these days operate with. It is basically the guarantee that each and every outcome is unpredictable. Furthermore, the control in the online gaming industry is very strict. There are several heavy-weight authorities that make sure of these things in the name of fair play. So, no, you are not destined to lose all your money to slots.

Furthermore, every slot game is different and offers different payout odds. There are things called RTP and variance for a reason. The RTP is the return to player ratio, which tells you on average how much return you can expect over time. Live slots can offer anything as low as 80%-85%, for example. And their online counterparts can range from 90% to 99%!

Then there’s also the variance to consider. Some slots can be extremely volatile, offering you payouts on rare occasions. But once you land a win – it’s going to be a massive one.

And then there’s the opposite extreme – the very low-variance offerings. These will be pouring small wins all the time. And then there are slot games that can offer you medium-sized wins over the course of gameplay at relatively even intervals.

Hence, there’s plenty of diversity in terms of what payouts one can expect.

The “Hot” and “Cold” Slots

This one has to be our all-time favorite. As opposed to the previous myth, though, this one actually stems from slot players, not skeptics. In fact, many die-hard gamers live (and play) by this rule as if there are no other rules. And we cannot tell you just how misguided it is.

Hot and cold slots are slots that have been paying a lot recently and those that haven’t paid anything, respectively. The whole thing lies on the misconception that hot slots are bound to come into a dry spell very soon.

And, likewise, the cold ones are about to start raining cash onto you any moment now.

So, players who adhere to this nonsense actually monitor slot machines and take note of how they’re paying out. If they notice a machine that’s going nuts and just spitting out wins, they steer clear. If there’s a slot game that has been pretty silent and doing nothing but swallowing money for a longer period of time, that’s the one they pick to play.

Once again, here is where the RNG swoops in to bust this myth and reveal the hard truth. There is no such thing as hot or cold slots. As we pointed out previously, how a slot pays out depends on its variance and RTP, as well as the random number generator. Just because a certain game has been very generous in its payouts for some time doesn’t mean that it’s about to stop doing that for just as long. And vice versa; you can’t expect to hit the jackpot in a “cold” slot just because it’s cold.

And speaking of jackpots, there is a similar myth relating to them, too. According to some, if a slot game has recently paid out a jackpot, it won’t do so again for a long time to come. Thus, players who believe this won’t go near a game in which someone just scored the big bucks. Again: total nonsense.

Of course, someone can win the jackpot again, and it might even be the same day! Or the next day, or week. Naturally, the size of the pot will be much smaller, though, because it takes time to grow.

But that doesn’t affect the random factor that is crucial in slots.

But since we’re on the “hot” and “cold” topic, here’s another myth we would like to debunk. There is this theory that slot games pay out differently depending on the time of day. For example, when it’s busy and there are a lot of players hitting the slots, they pay out less. And when there aren’t that many players, then the slot machines will allegedly be more generous. Since we have now made abundantly clear how slot machines operate, you realize yourself how untrue this is. There is no way someone will go programming slot machines to hold onto the cash during certain hours of the day or night. As pointed out, that’s illegal, and the respective authorities would never permit it.

“No Strategy Can Help You Beat Slot Games”

Well, if you follow bogus strategies like that of the hot and cold slot machines, of course, that statement is very true. We, however, are not doing that. And, therefore, we can tell you for sure that there are strategies that can help you beat the game. But like with most things in life, there are no shortcuts you can take.

This isn’t quite the “get rich quick” scheme some people hope for when they enter the world of gaming.

There are a few simple, basic rules you must adhere to that can qualify as a strategy. The first of them requires you to get to know your game and all aspects of it. Find out the RTP, the volatility and price point, as well as the special features, if there are any. Experts in the field will tell you that you should try to stick to slots that offer the best payout odds (see RTP).

Also keep in mind the betting options. These can be very important for your odds, as well. When possible, bet more coins of a smaller denomination instead of fewer coins of a larger denomination. The maximum amount of coins typically makes for higher wins.

Next, it’s important that you define a budget and always stay within that budget. While this may not sound like a huge thing, many players struggle immensely with this rule.

And it’s an important one if you don’t want to wind up losing more than you can afford. In other words, this means that you should know when to walk away. Winning the war doesn’t necessarily mean having to win every battle. Some of the games you will lose, and that’s fine, as long as you are within your limits. Play smartly, and over time, you will get to reap the rewards for your patience.

“Using the Auto-Spin Option Will Hurt Your Chances”

Now, this one may not be as widespread as some of the other myths we’ve covered, but it’s still fairly common. Some players believe that if they use the auto-spin option that many games offer for convenience, it will affect their odds. In fact, it will affect them in a negative way and diminish their chances of winning. So, even when they have set out to play for a long stretch, they tirelessly just keep on pressing the button for every spin. Apparently, in the world of sinister online casinos, the house will prey on “lazy” players and cheat them.

Do we even have to say it at this point? Of course this is bogus. The auto-spin option serves one purpose and one purpose only. It’s there to alleviate the need for you to have to press “Spin” 10, 20, or 50 times in a row.

There is no way that it can affect the RNG, which, again, is the only thing that controls the payouts.

There is a similar theory relating to land-based slot machines. According to it, pulling the handle is better for your odds than pushing a button. It’s the exact same thing again. These myths are only there to offer some comfort to players who choose to delude themselves into thinking they can somehow influence the machine. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. And there’s a reason these games are called games of chance.

Miscellaneous Myths

We’re pretty much on a roll here. So why not bust a few other false theories that are floating around? Such as, for example, the one where only high rollers can hit a progressive jackpot. Now, this one isn’t entirely false, as it does actually have an ounce of truth to it. Let us explain.

In order to qualify for the jackpot, some slot games will require you to play with the most number of coins. Others may simply offer higher odds if you play with higher stakes. But in no way does this mean that a lower stake can’t be the one to win the progressive. Casinos do no determine who wins and who loses – that would be the RNG again.

There are also some suspicions that players tend to have regarding loyalty cards. These suspicions state that if you use loyalty cards, you will have lower chances of winning. Now, the purpose of these cards is to reward loyal players – not rip them off. So, that would be kind of contradicting their purpose.

But unlike the other theories we have listed here, you can’t help but wonder if this one is actually spread by the casinos.

Similarly, there’s the notion that if you’re playing with a bonus or bonus money, you will have the same fate. Once again, the game doesn’t care whose money you’re playing with – yours or the casino’s. If you have a bonus – good for you! Use it, and it will have the exact same chances of winning as if you were playing with your money.

And here is one that’s just too great not to mention. In fact, scratch what we said about the hot and cold slots – THIS one is our favorite. Believe it or not, there are players out there who warm up their coins before inserting them into a slot machine. The idea is that warm coins will have higher chances of bringing them in a win! And yes, it’s bizarre, but apparently, it’s so bizarre that it has people going! Needless to say, there’s no way a slot machine will care about (or even be able to tell) the temperature of the coins.

And let’s just debunk one last one, as we finish up our crusade against slot game myths. Players tend to think that casinos hide the better-paying slot machines from them. They believe that those more generous slots are lurking somewhere in the shadows, gathering dust. First off, casinos can decide for themselves what slots to put out and what not to. That is totally their prerogative. And secondly, why would they even do that? If anything, it would be in their interest to make a spectacle of the better paying slots. That would just encourage other players to play, too!

Now that we’ve done all this myth-busting, we hope the murky waters of gambling have become a little less murky. And with the weight of all those false theories lifted, playing slot games should become easier and a lot more fun. So get out there and start playing without worrying about warm coins, cold slots, and unbeatable odds.

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