If you don’t know much about cricket then it may seem fairly incomprehensible – and a sport to avoid when it comes to betting.

But once you get a grasp of the basics of the game and the big events you may realize that there is a lot of opportunity for making some profitable wagers.

Like many sports, cricket is played – in some format or other – somewhere in the world almost every day, so there is a great chance to work on your betting strategies and find the events and games that suit your level of interest.

In this article I’m going to talk about some of the cricket betting markets that I favor – and also what to look out for to inform my selections.

If you are a cricket novice then you may be able to pick up a few hints and tips to help you with some of the big cricket events happening this year, such as the 2019 Cricket World Cup.

“Cricket" Cricket Formats

Before we go any further I’m going to quickly explain the different formats of the game.

If you want to bet on cricket you will need to understand that the best players and teams in the world in one format may not be anywhere near as good in another – and this will obviously dictate how you make your selections.

At the moment there are three main formats of cricket (although a new 100-ball game is being introduced in England in 2020).

Test Match

The traditional format of the game, test matches are played over two innings for each team and are scheduled to take five days to play.

There is no limit on the amount of time each side bat or bowl and the slower pace of play is either seen as an attraction or a turn off depending on your cricketing viewpoint.

Limited Overs

In the 1970s limited overs cricket was introduced, in part to make the sport more accessible and more exciting to watch.

Limited overs cricket now complements the other formats and is played over the course of one day.


A newer style of cricket, these games – as the name suggests – gives each team 20 overs each to bat.

The various T20 leagues all over the world have become some of the most exciting and lucrative cricket events – and bring yet more exciting in-play markets to the sports bettor.

“Cricket" Things to Consider When Betting on Cricket

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration before you even take a look at the cricket betting markets.

Players and team form are obviously important in making your selections but cricket is perhaps unique in the way that weather can play a big part in how any match will go – no matter who is playing. The condition of the pitch is worth noting, too.

The Weather

Cricket cannot be played when it is raining but overcast, cloudy conditions can cause the ball to swing in the air much more.

So, if the game you are betting on involves bowlers who are able to manipulate the ball – or bring in what is known as reverse swing – then you could look to them for higher wicket hauls, or even a supposedly good batting side struggling.

This is just one example of how the weather can affect a match but it is crucial to check the forecasts before making your bets.

The Pitch

The condition of the pitch – or wicket – is always important in predicting how a game might develop. For example, if a wicket is flat the batting side should be favored as they will be able to predict the way the ball is bowled much easier.

As both sides will bat this won’t necessary help with choosing a winner, but would help in going for a high run score.

A dry pitch, on the other hand, can cause the batting side all kinds of problems – especially if the opposing side has some good spin bowlers in its team.

“Cricket" Favorite Cricket Betting Markets

Now that I have run through a couple of the more unusual factors that help dictate my cricket betting I thought I would share some of the markets I look out for – and also some of the events that I always try to have a bet on, including some coming up in 2019.

Traditional Bets

There are so many different leagues, formats and competitions in the world of cricket that it is difficult to keep up even if you are a fan of the game. The main thing to make sure of is that you know your stuff.

Research is key – as knowing who the top ranked batsmen in the world is means nothing if you didn’t know that he excels in one day internationals but not test matches.

That’s why I keep to what I know and enjoy the traditional test series, such as the Ashes.

The Ashes are coming up later in the summer and that is probably the most well known in the sport. Played between Australia and England roughly every two years, this is what most people think about when they hear cricket being talked about.

Betting on the Ashes winners is always popular – and you can usually go with the home nation unless either of the teams is particularly all conquering at the time of the series.

The individual test markets are always interesting as well, as bettors need to take into consideration the different pitches – and conditions, depending on when in the summer it is being played – when making their selections.

Player Bets

I usually keep away from a lot of the in play markets as they can be so volatile – due to the nature of the sport – that you really need to be focused to make sure you time your wager correctly.

I like to go for the leading run scorer and possibly leading wicket taker in test matches and one day internationals as I can see how a particular player has been performing up until that point – and also how they usually play against the opponent in question.

With so many variables involved in betting on cricket I like to keep my betting simple.

International Cricket

With so many of the top players on central contracts and not always appearing for their county or state teams on a regular basis I usually avoid betting on domestic cricket competitions – even the hugely popular T20 leagues.

This is not because I don’t enjoy the T20 format but more that it can take a lot of time to keep up with who is playing where and for which team. I much prefer betting on international cricket where I can keep on top of developments and squad.

Special Events

Although it is one of the most popular events in the cricket world I’ve deliberately kept the Ashes out of this section as I find it is better to regard it as just another test series when it comes to betting. That way of thinking makes it easier to concentrate on the cricket when the media are getting excited about every little thing surrounding the famous rivalry.

Special events, for me, mean something like the ICC Cricket World Cup. Held every four years it is the pinnacle of the limited over, one day international game and – for my mind – the most exciting form of cricket.

The latest installment of the World Cup is due to take place this year in England and Wales and promises to be a spectacle of cricket pitting ten of the best nations in the world against each other. The ICC have tinkered with the format (as they always do) but it promises to be an excellent tournament in which the best batsmen get to show their stuff on, what hopefully, will be some excellent pitches.

I tend to look at the outright winner and individual match winner markets when it comes to World Cups as there is so much going on that some of the betting can get lost in the excitement of it all.

In a month and a half of cricket there will be 48 matches played so there is plenty of scope to make a few wagers as the tournament progresses.

“Cricket" Final Words

If you are new to cricket then I would advise that you watch matches and do your research before jumping into the betting markets as there are a lot of factors that come into play with every single match.

But 2019 promises to be an excellent year for lovers of the sport – the Ashes and the World Cup being two obvious examples – so this is a perfect time to take an interest.

There are so many markets to explore once you have a grasp of the game and I will be updating this blog regularly as the year goes on with the latest cricket betting updates and news.

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