Every NBA team has an athlete that everyone overlooks but deserves a lot more recognition. I’m talking about the savvy players who always make the most of their opportunities. These key contributors don’t necessarily score the most points but are difference makers nonetheless.

I want to discuss the most underrated player on every NBA team in 2022-23. These guys deserve a lot more praise in terms of what they bring to the table. Several of these players could also earn All-Star selections in the future.

Basketball Atlanta Hawks – John Collins

John Collins is regularly making highlight plays, and his productivity is undeniable. He averaged 16.2 points and 7.8 rebounds per game last season, which puts him among the best power forwards from a numbers perspective.

Every year, it seems as if Collins is on the trading block, yet no one is ever eager to scoop him up. I find it odd that other teams wouldn’t want to add an excellent defensive player to their squad who also shoots well from three-point range.

Basketball Boston Celtics – Robert Williams III

Robert Williams is an unfamiliar name to casual fans of the NBA. However, he’s easily the most underrated player for the Boston Celtics. He doesn’t have the traditional traits of an elite NBA player, but he’s tough and can be extremely disruptive.

On the offensive side, Williams III can pass the ball well, and he creates opportunities for his teammates. His production has been steadily increasing in four NBA seasons, and he’ll likely play an even bigger role for the Celtics in 2022-23.

Williams got a bit more attention last year because of Boston’s exceptional run to the NBA Finals, but I still think he’s much better than most people think. If the big man can stay fit, I expect him to explode in the upcoming season.

Basketball Brooklyn Nets – Nic Claxton

Nic Claxton now has three NBA seasons under his belt, and the Nets are still unsure about how to use him. He’s yet to play over 1,000 minutes in a season, but injuries have also kept him off the court.

Claxton could likely have a breakout season in 2022-23. He’s very underappreciated in terms of his defensive prowess. He’s also a really good shooter from close range, and his ball-handling skills are only going to improve.

You need players like Claxton to carry some of the burden and help Brooklyn’s stars fulfill their potential.

Basketball Charlotte Hornets – P.J. Washington

Many consider P.J. Washington the glue that keeps the Hornets together. He’s smart, creative, and one of the biggest difference makers on the team. He’s not an NBA superstar, but he certainly plays like one.

What makes Washington an incredible player is his all-around abilities. His stat line also speaks for itself – he’s averaged 11.8 points, 5.7 rebounds, 2.3 assists, 1.0 blocks, and 0.9 steals in his career. He’s the definition of versatility.

Basketball Chicago Bulls – Ayo Dosunmu

Dosunmu is still a young player – he’s only played a single NBA season – but he’s got the mentality of a veteran. He’ll likely take on a bigger workload in his second season, and he’s a key piece of the Bulls’ roster, which is pretty good right now.

Chicago is rolling the dice on Dosunmu, but I think he’ll make the most of the opportunity. He’s an efficient player who needs live repetitions to get better. His field goal percentage was 52%, which is pretty impressive for a rookie second-round draft pick.

Basketball Cleveland Cavaliers – Ricky Rubio

The Cleveland Cavaliers were surprisingly good last season, and Ricky Rubio was a big reason why. However, not everyone will bring up his name or even think of Rubio when discussing Cleveland’s success because he was injured in the second part of the season.

The Spanish NBA veteran plays both ends of the floor extremely well. Don’t let his offensive limitations fool you – Rubio makes every team much better when he’s on the roster. Unfortunately, he never quite lived up to the hype when he was drafted out of college.

Basketball Dallas Mavericks – Maxi Kleber

The Mavericks had a chance to win a Western Conference Championship last season. They went on an impressive run during the playoffs, and Kleber’s contributions were a big part of the team’s success.

Defensively, Kleber does a lot of different things for the Mavericks. He protects the paint and defends the perimeter as well as any NBA veteran. He also averaged 5.9 rebounds per game during the regular season.

Basketball Denver Nuggets – Zeke Nnaji

This article discusses the most underrated player on every NBA roster. Zeke Nnaji is the embodiment of a player who doesn’t get enough recognition. The Nuggets took a chance by selecting him in the first round of the 2020 NBA draft, but it’s paying off big time.

Injuries are the reason why everyone’s overlooking Nnaji. When he’s on the court, he’s truly dynamic. He’s accurate when shooting from the perimeter and thrives in catch-and-shoot situations. Many believe that Denver will have bigger plans for Nnaji during the season.

With a player like Jokic leading the line, the youngster should have many easy looks on the offense, and he has the frame to be a defensive juggernaut.

Basketball Detroit Pistons – Saddiq Bey

The Pistons are in the middle of a rebuild, and they need role players more than anything. Saddiq Bey played in every game for Detroit last season, which allowed him to showcase his skills. He got plenty of opportunities and was very productive during his sophomore season.

The roster in Detroit still lacks chemistry – the team failed to create enough opportunities for their best shooters last season. If they can get Bey going, Detroit will be a lot better in 2022-23.

Basketball Golden State Warriors – Kevon Looney

The defending NBA champions have a roster with plenty of complimentary pieces. Looney, however, is the most overlooked player who deserves way more credit. During the team’s title run, his defensive skills and leadership were critical for the Warriors.

When you think of Golden State, you can’t forget about Looney. He’ll likely continue to carry the weight defensively and help stabilize a roster with talent at every position. After re-signing with the Warriors during the offseason, Looney will be a huge part of the team’s success again.

Basketball Houston Rockets – Alperen Sengun

The Rockets are bad right now, but they’re getting better. Expectations for the team are low because the franchise is rebuilding. Most people are focused on the high draft picks and overlook Alperen Sengu. The 20-year-old Turkish player had a productive rookie season where he averaged 9.6 points per game.

Many are comparing Sengu to the reigning MVP Nikola Jokic because both players have a similar skill set. The Turkish youngster isn’t quite at the same level as Jokic, but he’s exactly what you want from a modern NBA center.

Basketball Indiana Pacers – Jalen Smith

Jalen Smith joined the Pacers midway through the 2021-22 season, and he made an immediate impact. Indiana gave Smith an opportunity, and he delivered by averaging 13.4 points and 7.6 rebounds over 22 games.

Keep in mind that the sample size from Smith has been small since joining Indiana. He appears to be a long-term solution for the Pacers, a team that desperately needs help on both ends of the court.

Basketball Los Angeles Clippers – Terance Mann

The Clippers have championship aspirations, that’s for sure. However, a disappointing season last year has many wondering if they can win a title. Players like Terance Mann, who’s versatile and efficient, will have to step up their game and make plays for the Clippers.

I think Mann is an excellent role player for Los Angeles. He’s a chameleon in terms of the different positions he can play – the Clippers last season utilized him as a point guard, shooting guard, and small forward.

Mann obviously can’t carry the Clippers, but if Kawhi and PG are healthy, he is the type of role player that makes a huge difference.

BasketballLos Angeles Lakers – Thomas Bryant

After he tore his ACL and missed a lot of games over the past two seasons, Thomas Bryant became an afterthought. However, he’s still a really good center who’ll have a fresh start in Los Angeles.

If Bryant can remain healthy, he’ll be a problem for opposing teams. He’s a special player who knows how to use his size to gain leverage against defenders. He’ll likely carve out a nice role for himself for the Lakers and have an impact on both ends of the court.

Basketball Memphis Grizzlies – Brandon Clarke

Not many players on the Grizzlies’ roster receive a ton of attention aside from Ja Morant. Brandon Clarke, however, is a player that doesn’t get enough credit for his contributions. Defensively, he can shut down some of the best NBA players.

The Grizzlies also love Clarke for the energy he brings to the team. He thoroughly prepares for every opponent and can easily transition between assignments. Clarke’s value is immense in terms of being a role player.

Basketball Miami Heat – Max Strus

Max Strus made a huge leap in his development as an NBA player last season – he greatly improved on both offense and defense. He also showed that he has an impressive straight-line attack off the dribble. Strus is more than competent on the other end too.

Strus’ success is a testament to Erik Spoelstra’s ability to get the most out of young players. The American played in last season’s Eastern Conference Finals and was impressive throughout the Heat’s postseason run.

Basketball Milwaukee Bucks – Jevon Carter

Most fans don’t know about Jevon Carter, but he’s definitely a hidden gem. He’s a defensive wizard who can also make things happen on offense. Carter is already playing for his fourth NBA team, but he appears to have a home in Milwaukee.

What I like about Carter is he’s a competent shooter with above-average ball control. However, his relentlessness on defense makes him an asset for the Bucks. Carter will now get a chance to develop into more of a two-way player.

Basketball Minnesota Timberwolves – Jaden McDaniels

McDaniels is hands down the most underrated player for the Timberwolves. He’s another defensively versatile player who can guard almost anyone. McDaniels got a lot better before our very eyes when he played for the Timberwolves during the 2021-22 postseason.

Minnesota fans will appreciate McDaniels even more once the upcoming season begins. He’s quickly becoming a high-level support player who could be a true difference maker once he starts hitting a few more three-pointers.

Basketball New Orleans Pelicans – Herbert Jones

Zion Williamson has missed a lot of playing time since entering the NBA. He’s drawn a lot of ire from Pelicans fans because of his absence. That being said, fans should also rejoice at the development of second-year player Herbert Jones.

Jones is already an elite defender in his young career. After earning All-Rookie second-team honors, he should have plenty of confidence heading into his second season. I expect Jones to be even more serviceable for the Pelicans.

Basketball New York Knicks – Obi Toppin

The eighth overall selection in the 2020 NBA draft hasn’t quite lived up to the hype, but New York also hasn’t tapped into his full potential. Furthermore, with Julius Randle on the roster, Toppin has to fight for playing time.

When you look at Toppin’s per minute production, he could be an excellent player for the Knicks. He could be averaging 20 points and 10 rebounds per game if given a chance. Getting more time on the court is crucial for Toppin to unlock his full potential.

Basketball Oklahoma City Thunder – Kenrich Williams

The Thunder are also rebuilding their roster, which is why Kenrich Williams is a veteran presence at age 27. He re-signed with the team for another four years, which shows that Oklahoma City is confident in his abilities.

Williams is an excellent all-around defender who can also knock down shots from the perimeter. He’s the perfect utility player, and many successful teams in the NBA have someone on the roster who’s similar to Williams in terms of his skill set.

Basketball Orlando Magic – Wendell Carter Jr.

Exiting Chicago for Orlando was the best thing that could’ve happened for Wendall Carter Jr. He’s one of only a handful of players who averaged more than 15 points, 10 rebounds, and two assists per game last season.

The only reason why more people aren’t talking about Carter Jr. is that he plays for the Magic. Proponents of Carter Jr. say that superstardom awaits him. However, one thing is certain: Carter Jr. is an excellent player across the board.

Basketball Philadelphia 76ers – De’Anthony Melton

The 76ers are on the cusp of becoming a great team – they’ve got a fantastic roster, led by NBA superstar Joel Embiid. Another key player is De’Anthony Melton, whom the 76ers recently acquired over the offseason.

Why is Melton underrated? He doesn’t get enough credit for creating opportunities and sinking shots when he’s open. He’s also an above-average defender who can guard players much bigger than him.

Basketball Phoenix Suns – Cameron Johnson

Cameron Johnson is already an excellent two-way player who’s yet to realize his full potential. His field goal percentage from three-point range was 42.5% in 2021-22, which was a vast improvement from the previous season.

Johnson’s handles have also gotten tighter, and he’s a lot better on defense now than when he entered the NBA. He’s already a solid player, but he could be even better in 2022-23.

Basketball Portland Trail Blazers – Josh Hart

Landing in Portland should help rejuvenate Josh Hart’s career. He’s in a much better situation – in 13 games for the Blazers in 2021-22, he averaged 19.9 points and 4.3 assists per game. It’s a small sample size, but I think he can sustain those numbers.

Hart is a well-rounded player with an incredible motor. He’s also getting a lot better in terms of shooting from the perimeter, and he brings a ton of talent to a roster with Damian Lillard as the only marquee player.

The Blazers decided to keep Hart for the upcoming season, and despite some rumors of a trade, I expect him to thrive for the franchise.

Basketball Sacramento Kings – Harrison Barnes

Harrison Barnes isn’t an unknown name – he played for the Golden State Warriors during the team’s championship run in 2015-16. He’s a solid NBA player, but he’s often been overshadowed by his teammates.

Barnes will be an impact player for the Kings this upcoming season. He’s not the focal point of the franchise, but he serves a pivotal role for Sacramento. The former seventh overall pick will enter his 12th NBA season with hopes of taking the team to the next level.

Basketball San Antonio Spurs – Jakob Poeltl

Jakob Poeltl is an under-the-radar player who makes any roster instantly better. He’s excellent on defense, but his single-digit scoring averages don’t win over the fans.

What I like about Poeltl is his ability to protect the paint, and he converts a lot of close-range scoring opportunities. He’s also getting a lot better as a passer, and his playstyle will benefit a young and hungry roster.

Basketball Toronto Raptors – Chris Boucher

Chris Boucher is an incredibly smooth player who’s also impactful on both ends of the court. He admitted that he had high aspirations of developing into an NBA superstar. However, Boucher has transitioned into more of a role player over the past few seasons.

In terms of playstyle, Boucher is more of a traditional power forward. He’s lengthy, aggressive, and uses his energy/size to create opportunities. He’s also an important presence in the Raptors locker room who can help build a foundation for success.

Basketball Utah Jazz – Jordan Clarkson

The Jazz will look a lot different this year after the team traded Donovan Mitchell to the Cavaliers. This could give underrated players like Jordan Clarkson a chance to shine. However, rumors are swirling that the Clarkson could also be departing Utah soon.

Clarkson is now entering his ninth NBA season, and he’s one of the best bench players in the league. He scores in bunches and brings a special attitude that the team often lacks.

The guy’s the definition of “instant offense” from the bench, so I’m sure he will be a key piece on any team.

Basketball Washington Wizards – Daniel Gafford

Players like Daniel Gafford, who charge the basket with finesse, often don’t get the credit they deserve. He also fills a much-needed offensive role for the Wizards and finishes 70% of his scoring chances! Gafford’s production also went way up last season.

Gafford doesn’t have the same impact on both ends of the court. However, his interior play is as good as it gets. He entered the NBA as a backup center, but he’s already blossoming into a well-rounded player.

Basketball Conclusion

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