Kim Kardashian’s dating history is long and well-documented (at least the serious relationships). She married Damon Thomas, then moved on to Kris Humphries. Soon after, Kardashian tied the knot with Kanye West before briefly dating Pete Davidson.

But who comes next? I explore Kim Kardashian’s latest boyfriend betting odds and share my predictions. Will it be Drake? Michael B. Jordan? An NBA player? There are plenty of suitors out there who could work their charm on the American socialite.

Kim Kardashian’s Next Boyfriend Betting Odds

  • A Current NBA Player; +250
  • Michael B. Jordan; +500
  • Drake; +800
  • Donald Glover; +900
  • Joseph Jonas; +1600
  • A Current NFL Player; +2500

Bookies seem to believe Kim Kardashian will return to dating a basketball player. She was previously married to Kris Humphries, who played in the NBA for 13 seasons. Next is Michael B. Jordan – a movie star known for his Black Panther role.

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Top Favorites for Kim Kardashian’s Next Boyfriend

Let’s first examine the main favorites before I dive into my recommended Kim Kardashian’s next boyfriend bet. No matter the individual she ends up dating, you know it’ll make headlines. The media chronicles her life like she’s the Queen of England.

Kim most recently dated Pete Davidson after a nasty divorce with Kanye West. She’s had a lot of bad luck with romantic partners in music and entertainment. With her next boyfriend, Kim could go in a different direction.

A Current NBA Player

It wouldn’t surprise anyone if Kim were to date an NBA player once again. She often chooses her romantic partners according to their social status. In the United States, everyone wants to play pro basketball, and we admire anyone who makes it to the NBA.

Kim was spotted at several Lakers games during their playoff run. She recently sat courtside with her daughter to support Tristan Thompson, the father of Kim’s nieces. The star was in attendance on May 12 when Los Angeles eliminated Golden State.

Fans have also speculated that Kim has been supporting Lonnie Walker – a role player for Los Angeles. However, there’s no confirmation that this was why she’s been attending the games. The rumor began circulating on TikTok, so you can use that information as you will.

Michael B. Jordan

Speaking of the Lakers – Michael B. Jordan also attended several games during the team’s playoff run. Was it a coincidence that he was in the building at the same time as Kim? Probably, but I can’t help but speculate about a possible connection.

Back in 2015, rumors swirled about Jordan possibly dating Kendall Jenner, Kim’s sister. The two were spotted leaving the Met Gala after-party at the same. Jordan would later deny that he was dating Jenner. In reality, the two just happened to be photographed together.


When betting on Kim Kardashian’s next boyfriend, you should consider targeting Drake. Celebrity gossip websites have speculated in the past that the two mega-celebrities could potentially (and would eventually) date each other.

Kim’s main connection to Drake is through her ex-husband Kanye. The two musicians used to work together, having collaborated on several songs. Drake was also rumored to be dating Kim’s sister Kylie Jenner years ago.

Fans have also hypothesized that Drake’s music contains cryptic messages about Kim. In 2018, Drake released a song that refers to a woman named “Kiki” in the lyrics. However, he could’ve also been talking about K’yanna Barber – a woman Drake allegedly dated.

Long shots for Kim Kardashian’s Next Boyfriend

Now, I want to focus on a few underdogs who could capture Kim Kardashian’s heart. The truth is the media and blogosphere can mislead you about the lives of celebrities. You never know who the next romantic partner will be for anyone who’s mega-famous.

  • Tom Brady (+8000). I mean, why not? Tom Brady is the greatest NFL player of all time, and Kim is one of the most prolific reality television stars in modern history. It’s a match made in heaven.
  • Tiger Woods (+4000). Tiger Woods is a newly single man. His public breakup with his ex-girlfriend has produced some attention-grabbing headlines. However, he’s also probably not the ideal suitor for Kim.
  • Brad Pitt (+12500). Kim recently revealed that she gets upset when her sisters overshadow her in terms of dating other mega-famous celebrities. Landing Brad Pitt, however, would send shockwaves throughout the world.

The list of potential suitors for Kim Kardashian is pretty lengthy. Fans also speculate that she could give one of her ex-lovers a second chance.

Kim Kardashian’s Next Boyfriend Prediction and Betting Pick

There’s no easy way to determine your Kim Kardashian next boyfriend betting pick. She’s dated musicians, athletes, and actors. Her next suitor will likely follow the pattern in terms of fame and success.

That’s why I believe an active NBA player is your best bet. They are often attracted to social media stars, and the Kardashians have a history with the league.

  • My Betting Pick: A Current NBA Player; +250

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