Snooker is a game that is played all-year round and the sport is at the cusp of becoming a worldwide spectacle. We’ve seen the rise of player from Asia, especially China, trying to challenge the rule of old school order of English, Welsh, Irish and Scottish Professionals.

There are many big money tournaments that happen during the year but none bigger than the World Snooker Championships which begins this month and lasts for 17 days. With these big tournaments come a wide array of bets involving snooker. For some, snooker betting is already part of their resume. But for many, it is a brand new arena that needs to be entered because of the winning potential involved.

We’re here to teach you the basics of snooker betting and give you some tips on how to make money on snooker bets. Read on:

“Trophy" Types of Snooker Betting

There are plenty of snooker betting markets but for starters, let us briefly touch the more common ones:

1×2 Snooker Betting- The 1×2 market is the easiest form of snooker betting. This is a bet where punters are ultimately betting on who will win the match.

Snooker Frame Handicap Betting- Handicap betting happens when a bookmaker evens the playing field by offering a handicap of frames to counter the advantage of the favorite over the underdog. These frames are added to the final score and the player with the higher score after the handicap is added is the winner.

Outright Market Snooker Betting- Outright Market betting allows punters to place their bets on the outright winner of a future tournament. This betting is usually opened after the draw for the tournament has been made.

Snooker Total Legs Betting- Snooker Total Legs betting is the same as the over/under odds in other sports. In the case of snooker, the the bookmaker sets a total number of frames by both players. The players’ combined total frames are bet to be over or under the total set by the sportsbook.

Live Snooker Betting– Because it is a calm and quiet sport, snooker is good for live betting. It prevents bettors from panic while the match is underway. When you bet on live snooker play, you can see first hand from the table who is playing in better form, hence you can make good value bets immediately.

“Trophy" Major Tournaments For Betting

Masters Snooker– The Masters is a professional snooker tournament which is regarded as one of the most prestigious events on the circuit. It is not a ranking event but is one of the Triple Crown events of snooker.

UK Snooker Championship- The UK Snooker Championship is the second biggest ranking snooker tournament after the World Championship and is one of snooker’s Triple Crown events.

World Snooker Championship- The World Snooker Championship is the most prestigious tournament in terms of prize money and prestige and one of the Triple Crown events.  It is held at the Crucible Theater in Sheffield, England. It is played for a total of 17 days and ends on the first Monday of May.

World Open- The World Open is a ranking tournament played via knockout format. This was previously known as the Professional Players Tournament, LG Cup and Grand Prix.

World Grand Prix-The World Grand Prix is a ranking tournament for the Top 32 players on the World Grand Prix list.

Snooker Shootout- The Snooker shootout is a ranking tournament played using a variation of standard rules.

“Trophy" Betting Tips

Like other forms of sports betting, bettors should have a good understanding of the game to be able to make good value bets. There are several factors to look at when making a bet. These include player form, injuries, statistics and head-to-head results. Also, know what the tournament format is. Some players perform better or worse in a particular format.

When betting on the future winner of a tournament, take a look at the draw first, especially when you make multiple bets. You don’t want to place your bets on two or more players who will collide before the championship match.

In terms of pick, some bet makers overly rate players who have won the tournament previously and those star players like Ronnie O’Sullivan. But when you look at the winners all year long, it’s not just player like Sullivan who win tournaments. At the end of the day, these are all professionals and there are plenty of tournaments which go down to who is having a good day on the tables.

Having all these tools will not guarantee a winning bet but for sure, it will most definitely ensure that you have you best chance at making a profit.

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