Rocket League betting will be a refreshing change of pace for those of you betting on more complex games like DotA 2 and Rainbow Six Siege. The learning curves on those games are exceedingly difficult, and they can make betting tricky. Rocket League, on the other hand, is a simple game to learn. Six players, on two teams, playing soccer in rocket powered cars. Easy. However, this simplistic façade hides a complex game that makes for one of the most interesting esports betting experiences.

“Trophy" Why Should You Bet on Rocket League?

This game is a great intro to esports betting, especially if you’re familiar with traditional sports betting at all. The game basically is just soccer, albeit with an extra axis. Even people who are complete beginners can sit down and watch a game of Rocket League and understand what’s going on at a rudimentary level.

The game also has some of the most robust stats in esports. Due to its similarity to soccer, a lot of the same stats apply (although there isn’t a dedicated goalkeeper in Rocket League). Goals, assists, and saves are the three most common counting stats, as well as demos and other miscellaneous stats.

“Trophy" How Does the Game Work?

I have already explained the game in its simplest terms. Three teams of players try to score goals using their rocket powered cars. While that definition is accurate, there are several small things that give the game far more nuance.


Obviously the game wouldn’t be very exciting if the cars could just move backwards, forwards, left and right. Cars have the ability to jump, and then double jump, in pursuit of the ball. The mechanics of the jumps and flips can get confusing, as they have been pushed to their limits by the professional players, as they should.

What you need to know is, the cars can really move. In all three dimensions. The jump and flip are two of the most crucial elements in high level Rocket League play.


Boost is the only in game resource that can be collected. It spawns all around the field, in floating orange bubbles and in little orange circles on the ground. Boost is what allows players to fire the rockets on their vehicles, which give a boost of speed, and provide thrust when the cars are in the air. This allows the cars to fly about the pitch. When a player hits the ball while it’s in the air, it’s called an aerial.

“Trophy" Tournaments

The Rocket League circuit is a fairly active one, as compared to most other esports. There are two leagues run by Psyonix, as well as a handful of tournament series that run regularly.

Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS)

The Championship Series is the premiere league in Rocket League. It’s run by Psyonix, with 4 regions, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceanic. These four regions all get spots in the RLCS finals, that take place twice a year.

This is where most Rocket League bettors will spend the bulk of their time. This is where the best of the best play, which means you’ll get the most consistency, which is good for betting over the course of a season. Of course, this means that there may be bigger edges elsewhere.

Rocket League Rival Series (RLRS)

The RLRS is the second tier league in Rocket League. Also owned and operated by Psyonix, this league is where you’ll see the up and comers. The best teams of the RLRS every season are promoted to the RLCS, and the worst of the RLCS are demoted down to the RLRS.

The RLRS is where savvier Rocket League bettors can make some riskier moves, and swing for the fences. If you have an edge on an up and comer that people don’t know about, that’s a chance to cash in big.

DreamHack Pro Circuit

The DreamHack Pro Circuit is one of the most prominent tournament series in Rocket League. They have events frequently throughout the year, there’s almost always one coming up (You should be checking back here for all the Rocket League betting info you might need by the way). While these events may not be as prestigious as the RLCS, they showcase tier one and two teams on LAN, which is a crucial part of evaluating these teams for Rocket League bettors.

Transfer Market

Like a lot of esports, teams in Rocket League like to mix up their rosters quite a bit. The end of every RLCS season brings about a whole mess of roster moves, which can be difficult to keep track of. While we will update you about all the biggest moves here, this is something seasoned Rocket League bettors will keep an eye out for, obviously.

Staying attuned to gossip going around the scene, knowing which teams are on the way out and where players might be going, those are greats ways to maintain a betting edge. Internal discord is an excellent indicator for future underperformances.

Rocket League betting is very rewarding, due to the hidden complexities of the esport. It’s one of our favorites, and we will continue to provide the very best coverage of picks, props, parlays, recaps, everything you need to make the very best Rocket League bets you can.

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