Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world and one of the most exciting to watch. The excitement gets better when you’ve placed some bucks on a match. Yes, boxing and sports betting go hand in hand. In fact, they’ve done so for a long time now.

Betting on boxing fights isn’t as difficult as betting on team sports because there are more than one players per team to consider. It’s not as hard as betting in horse races or golf tournaments where there are more than two competitors to pick from. Boxing betting is similar to UFC betting. It’s either one fighter or another.

“Fighting" Boxing Records

A boxer’s career is tracked with his win-loss record. A professional boxing record looks like this:  A-B-C-D, where A is total wins, B is total losses, C is total draws and D is total no-contests. Of course, the better fighter has a better record. A good record is one that has more wins and few or no losses. Therefore a fighter with the better record should be better and in the oddsboard, he should be the betting favorite.

Aside from who “should” be better, a boxer’s record also reveals several important betting factors. One is quality of opposition. A fighter can have a record of 40-0 and yet none of his opponents are ranked. He’s not necessarily better than a fighter with a record of say 10-10 and his 10 defeats were against ranked opponents or world champions. When you pick between two fighters, do check on their resumes and know who they’ve fought. You don’t want to put your money on a padded record that has fought tomato cans.  A database of boxer records can be found at and there are plenty you can learn about a fighter using his boxing record.

The most obvious fact you get from boxer’s records is how long has the boxer been around. Boxing records have date of fights so check if the fighter has been around or is new. The number of fights also tell you a fighter’s mileage. Mileage and ring experience are also important factors to consider in picking your fighter. A more detailed boxing record also shows the place where the fights happened. The venue of is also an important component in determining ring experience. For example, a foreign fighter who’s never fought outside his home country could fight differently in his U.S. debut. Or a fighter who has fought many times in Las Vegas is used to fighting under the bright lights and hence wouldn’t feel as much pressure in fighting at big venues.

Lastly, a record shows how many fights are won by stoppage or decision and how many losses are by knockout or on points. These help you identify whether a fighter is a knockout artist, a boxer or both.

“Fighting" Rankings

Rankings can be found at several websites. For example, you can find rankings by weight class at The Ring, ESPN and Transnational Boxing. However, most rankings only list the Top 10 fighter so when you’re betting on a fight that doesn’t involve ranked fighters, the rankings won’t serve much purpose. If that’s the case, then you have to do the dirty work yourself. Establish a boxer’s profile by looking up his age, height, reach, stance. Usually, there is a tale of the tape that lists this. That will be useful when you compare both fighters physical attributes. Boxers fight at the same weight but some fighters are taller and longer. These can either be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on the situation.

Now that you have an idea or a profile of the fighters, you can now choose better between the two. Let’s take a look at the different types of bets you can make with a boxing bout.

“Fighting" Moneyline Odds

The simplest way to bet on a boxing fight is to pick a winner or draw.. Here, it’s just either A,B or neither. A fighter comes with a price, which is determined by the bookmakers. The better fighter is the favorite and the lesser one is the underdog.

A favorite comes in more expensive than the underdog. You have to pay a premium to bet for him. The underdog usually comes with a plus money, which is dangled for bettors who may be willing to risk bets for higher yields. The moneyline is always the first boxing bet posted. Whatever the moneyline posted when you make the bet is the value of your bet. The amount you win after the fight is based on that moneyline.

A draw happens when no winner is announced. This usually happens when the judges decision doesn’t have a winner. Most moneyline odds are just for both fighters but the more complete ones have a draw and they have the highest yield between the three choices you can pick from. Bettors rarely bet on a draw because commonly, a winner emerges after the boxing fight.

“Fighting" Proposition Bets

Proposition bets are those that doesn’t just pick a winner. Under this category, the Over/Under Rounds is the most common bet. Here, a base round number in the fight is set and you have to pick whether the fight ends before or after the given round proposed in the bet. There are also prop bets where you pick which round the fight ends, this is called round betting. A special type of round betting is when rounds are grouped together to come up with difference choices ( e.g. Rounds 1-4, Rounds 5-8 and Rounds 9-12)  The prop bets get more specific when you are asked to pick who wins and what round that fighter wins. Then there is also the method of victory where you pick a fighter and how is he going to win the fight.

For really major fights, these proposition bets can go even beyond boxing. For example, bookies can propose a bet asking what a fighter’s ring entrance song would be,  what color his trunks/robe/gloves/shoes would be. Others would bet on how many PPV buys a fight would bring in while others would bet if the fighters would touch gloves before the fight. If you’re an entertainment fan, there was even a proposition bet during the Mayweather vs McGregor boxing bout that asked if a Kardashian would show up in the arena. I mean these prop bets can get as crazy as they can. But if you ask me, these are the best that truly make boxing bouts interesting to bet on.

“Fighting" Where To Bet

Now that you know what to do, look for an upcoming boxing match. Once you’ve analyzed both fighters, it’s time to look for a place to bet. These places are called sportsbooks and they are companies that set the betting lines and accept your bets online. On the homepage of our site, you will find a list of the Top Overall Gambling Sites. The list includes top sports bettings sites Bovada, and These bookmakers have odds for most boxing events not just in the United States but in the U.K. as well. Now you can start making bets and enjoy boxing fights even more.

Here are some of boxing’s top upcoming fights:

April 20- Terence Crawford vs Amir Khan

April 27-Regis Prograis vs Kiryl Relikh

May 4- Canelo Alvarez vs Daniel Jacobs

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