Casino slot games are available in the thousands and with various themes to entertain the masses. Yet perhaps one variation of slot games that you haven’t heard of or played before is the multiplayer slot genre.

Throughout the years, slots have changed and adapted with the times, bringing in new and exciting features, ways to win, and better-quality graphics. But how do multiplayer slots fit into this evolution? And how is it possible to participate in multiplayer online video slots? Let’s find out more about these games.

What Is a Multiplayer Slot?

The clue is in the title. A multiplayer slot (sometimes called a community slot) is a game that is played by multiple people at the same time, although it’s not quite as straightforward as that. Generally speaking, multiplayer slots will see you play certain parts of the game by yourself and bonus features with others.

But isn’t that fairly impossible, considering players could be accessing one and the same game from all over the world? It’s not like simply visiting your next-door neighbor and sitting down at the same computer.

Instead, you will play the game in a virtual slots room, which also contains other players. While you’re playing the slot, you can chat with other gamers who are accessing the same titles. This also allows you to see their spins and the winnings that they achieve from their gameplay. Should one of you trigger a game’s bonus feature round, you can all participate in it together at the same time. This gives you the chance to win bonus jackpot amounts together, too.

Friendly Fun – Not a Tournament

Multiplayer slots usually allow up to six people to access them at a time. If you have friends who are into casino gaming, then why not organize a get together to play? Or if you want to enter one of the rooms by yourself and join a slot gaming room, you can chat with other like-minded gamers.

It’s important to keep in mind that multiplayer slots are not the same as multiplayer tournaments. With the former, you’re all participating to win together, whereas in a tournament, you’re competing against one another to be the sole winner. That’s why multiplayer slots can be considered as more of a community game, with players having fun together.

What About Stake Size?

A common question relating to multiplayer slots is what happens if the six players in the room all choose to bet different amounts. How would a payout work from a bonus round in this respect?

Well, the bonus winnings would be paid out to all six players based on the stake that they have made. Essentially, if you’re betting more when the bonus round triggers, you’ll receive a larger portion of the payout from this.

The bonus rounds found in these games often come in the form of multiplayer freespins. This lets every player participating in the game in your room benefit from receiving free spins. That same idea can be applied to alternative bonus rounds in games – so if there’s a jackpot round, and one player triggers it, the rest of you get to play, regardless of your stake size.

What Are Some Multiplayer Slots?

There isn’t a huge number of multiplayer slots online for gamers to access at the moment. However, a few of the ones that we can recommend include the following:

  • Isis Multiplayer. This game features the Ancient Egypt theme and is centered around the goddess Isis. It’s a five-reel slot game and also includes a total of 40 paylines. Isis herself provides a wild icon to the game, while the hawk triggers the game’s free spins round.
  • Wheel of Wealth Multiplayer. Featuring 25 separate paylines, the game contains symbols of diamonds, jet planes, and other assorted luxuries. There’s a Wheel of Wealth icon, which operates as a wild addition, and there’s a jackpot worth 2,000 times your stake in the game, too.
  • No Worries Multiplayer. Taking its theme from Australian wildlife, No Worries features 20 paylines for you to bet on, as well as a wild and a scatter symbol. There’s also a jackpot wheel, which awards you with the chance to win huge amounts of money.

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