What are roulette inside bets, and how much do they pay when you win? I cover all that and more in this in-depth look at the highest risk-reward bets in roulette.

Inside bets aren’t your typical red/black for 1:1 payouts. Instead, they involve betting on single numbers or groups of numbers for potentially much bigger wins.

So, let’s look at the best inside bets in roulette and learn how to place them.

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Straight Up

This is the simplest roulette inside bet to understand; you bet on a single number. For example, you might bet on the ball landing in the 15 pocket.

To place this wager, place your chips on the number you want to bet on. Remember that you can make more than one bet; for example, you could bet on three numbers if you want to.

Straight bets pay 35:1 in roulette. Of course, bets with such large payouts have less chance of winning.The odds of winning a straight bet in roulette are 2.7% in European roulette (which you should be playing. Read about the differences between European and American roulette here.

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Split Bet

Making a split bet involves betting on two neighboring numbers on the board. You can bet on numbers beside each other horizontally or vertically, but either way, you’re always betting on two numbers per bet.

Place your chips on the line between two numbers to make this wager. Again, you can make more than one split bet or combine split bets with other roulette bets.

What do split bets pay in roulette? 17:1, and the odds of winning them are 5.26% when you play on a European roulette wheel.

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Street Bet, aka Row Bet

Whereas the split bet covers two numbers, street bets cover three numbers in a row. For example, if you bet on the top row, you’ll be wagering on the numbers one, two, and three.

Place your chips on the line at the edge of the row to make this bet. You can make more than one of these wagers per spin and mix and match it with other inside bets in roulette.

Street bets pay 11:1, and the odds of winning them are 8.11%. By now, you should know there’s no way to beat the roulette house edge and that all of these bets rely on Lady Luck showing up to come good.

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Corner Bet, aka Quad Bet

As the name suggests, this bet covers four numbers in a square layout.

To make this bet, place your chip at the intersection of four numbers. For example, you might bet on four, five, seven, and eight. Placing three of these is another way to bet on a dozen numbers.

This bet pays 8:1 when it comes good, and it has a 10.81% chance of winning.

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Six Line Bet, aka Double Street

I covered the street bet above, and this one is similar, but it covers two rows instead of one. So, you’ll be betting on six numbers in total. For example, you might bet on four, five, six, seven, eight, and nine.

Making this bet is simple enough; place your chips on the intersection between two rows. Drag your digital chips there and drop them if you’re playing online.

This bet has a 16.6% chance of winning, and it pays 5:1 when it does. That’s a decent risk/reward proposition as far as roulette inside bets go.

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Trio Bet

As the name of this bet indicates, it involves betting on three numbers, but not just any three. This wager involves betting on the zero and two neighboring numbers. For example, you can bet on zero, one, and two.

Place your chips on the intersection between the zero and the other two numbers to make this bet.

Your chances of winning this bet are 8.11%, and it pays 11:1 when you win.

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Basket Bet

The final inside roulette wager is the basket bet. It covers the numbers zero, one, two, and three.

To make this wager, you need to place your chips on the corner shared by the zero box and the first row. Another way of saying that is to place them on the intersection of zero, one, two, and three.

The odds of winning this bet are 10.81%, and the potential payout is 6:1. These bets and others like it are part of many roulette strategies.

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Ready to Place Some Roulette Inside Bets?

After answering the question ‘what is an inside bet in roulette?’ thoroughly, you know how to place the various wagers and what the potential rewards are. If you want to try some of these inside bets for real, check out the following casinos.

Wild Casino is a great casino for American players. It offers both digital and live dealer roulette games, and there are regular roulette tournaments with $35,000 in prize money up for grabs every day. That’s an ideal way to try roulette inside wagers.

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For players from elsewhere, I recommend Betway. It has all sorts of exciting roulette variants, including Lighting Roulette by Evolution.

If you want to make the ‘straight up’ bets I covered above, this game has the additional benefit of multipliers worth as much as 500x if your wager wins.

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