People all around the world love gambling: the throw of the dice, the luck of the draw. Luck has a funny way of attracting superstitions, fabled ways of giving players even the slightest edge through supernatural means. In fact, many players gamble with good luck charms, potentially as a way of canceling out negative superstitions.

What kind of hang-ups do people have over gambling? How do these affect their gaming experience? Let’s take a closer look at some of the world’s most popular gambling superstitions.

Don’t Cross Your Legs

Most people are aware of the crossed fingers gesture. It’s used to signify wishes of good luck. In fact, the logo for the United Kingdom’s National Lottery is a hand with two crossed fingers.

According to casino legend, crossing your legs does the opposite. If you’ve ever sat at a table in a casino – or even if you’re playing online at home – be sure to keep your legs straight and firmly planted on the ground. Some people believe crossing your legs “crosses out” and good luck that might have been coming your way.

Don’t Count Your Money at the Table

Have you ever heard of the phrase “pride comes before a fall”? If you have, then you know why you probably shouldn’t count your chips at the table.

Even worse, doing this in front of other players is basically rubbing their noses in the fact that you’ve got a pile of winnings. So, not only avoiding this ward off bad luck, but it’ll make the table’s atmosphere more enjoyable for everyone.

There’s a fine line between confidence and plain egotism. Make sure you can tell the difference. If you’re superstitious, it might stop you from losing.

Don’t Accept a $50 Bill

This superstition is fairly well-known in the United States. Some gamblers refuse to accept $50 bills. Supposedly, it’s an unlucky bill. Rumor has it that accepting a $50 could lead to a losing streak that lasts a lifetime. Ulysses S. Grant just can’t get a break.

Of course, this won’t affect you if you’re an online player, because you won’t receive cash. If you are a frequent visitor to land-based establishments though, you may want to check what kind of bill you’re being handed. If it has a picture of President Grant, we won’t blame you for handing it back.

Red Is a Lucky Color

In certain parts of Asia, red is considered a very lucky color. You only need to look at the Chinese New Year, where family and friends give each other red envelopes containing money.

This is also why several land-based casinos feature red décor. Some of the biggest casinos in the world, like the Encore Casino in Las Vegas and the MGM Bellagio, use the color red as a means of drawing in players who believe in this superstition. I don’t know if red brings good luck to players, but it’s certainly working for the casinos.

Unlucky for Some

All over the world, the number 13 is considered unlucky for some. Some people steer clear of anything relating to that number. Most buildings do not have a 13th floor. In fact, the number 13 has a phobia named after it – triskaidekaphobia. That’s partially why nobody bets on 13 at the roulette table.

On the other hand, the number 7 is very much considered to be lucky in some countries. We all know lucky number seven, we’ve all seen the big reel slots stop at 777. What’s not to like about seven? It’s a prime number, and some consider it a perfect number.

What would happen if you had seven lucky rabbits’ feet?

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