This may sound a little bit morbid and archaic – betting on who will die first. It’s like something that you’d expect Romans to do during gladiator battles in the arenas. But I’m not talking real life here. I’m talking about who will die first in television shows. That’s entertainment betting for you – always happy and cheerful!

On a serious note, though, shows like Game of Thrones have such a connection with significant characters being killed off throughout that it was only a matter of time before someone chose to open up actual betting on who the next one to go would be.


A few online sportsbooks have taken to providing such odds, listing it under entertainment betting. So, who do you think will die first? That’s a question being asked on a couple of platforms, such as MyBookie – especially when it comes to the final season of Game of Thrones.

Let’s take a look at what such sportsbooks are providing as possible options in this category.

Potential Deaths to Come First

You don’t have to look far into the Game of Thrones history to realize that death has come to many much-loved characters way before their time. It’s also something that has happened exceptionally unpredictably.

There have been characters such as Robb and Catelyn Stark, who both perished during the infamous red wedding scene, or Margaery Tyrell who was blown to smithereens alongside her father and brother in the Great Sept of Baelor by Queen Cersei. Even back in season two, Renly Baratheon dies incredibly unexpectedly when a shadow with the face of his elder brother Stannis kills him in his tent during alliance talks with House Stark.


So, you see, it’s not that easy to really predict who will be next to die in the show, let alone who will be the first prominent character to die first in a new season. That’s potentially why platforms offering such odds have a high collection of options to choose from. Who can we expect to find on such lists of potential first deaths, though?

First Death Characters and Their Odds

If you make your way over to the MyBookie sportsbook, then you will see that Game of Thrones hosts a specific section for “First Person to Perish Season 8.” To start with, you may wish to select the Night King, who was last seen on the back of his resurrected ice dragon, destroying The Wall. Odds on him being the first to perish stand at +2000.

Alternatively, Yara Greyjoy may be the one to go first, with odds on her being +200. After all, even though she is an ally of Daenerys Targaryen, she was captured and taken prisoner by her uncle, Euron Greyjoy, towards the end of the last season. Or maybe you think that Euron himself will be the first victim in season 8. MyBookie offers odds of +800 on him perishing first.


You may also wish to bet on The Mountain being the first to be killed in season 8. At the end of the last season, he was seen assisting Queen Cersei with threatening her brother Jaime. While maybe not being such a front-and-center character, he could end up being slain first in season 8. The odds are +500 at MyBookie, while his brother, The Hound, has odds of +1000 on him. Everyone already thought Arya had killed him, but he somehow returned during season 7, accompanying Daenerys and Jon Snow to Winterfell.

You may also think that Theon Greyjoy will be the first to go, so you could bet on him with odds of +400 at MyBookie. Tormund Giantsbane is another one to bet on, with odds of +800 on him being the first death in season 8.

The remaining character options are less likely to be the first to die, as is reflected in the odds given at MyBookie. For example, Brienne has odds of +1800, while Cersei Lannister stands with odds of +2000, as does her brother Jaime Lannister.


Tyrion Lannister has odds of +4000 to be the first to die in season 8, while Jorah Mormont has odds of +1400, and Bran Stark has odds of +5000. At the very high end of the spectrum, you’ll see odds of +6600 for Jon Snow and +10000 for Daenerys Targaryen, with Sansa Stark at +4000, and her sister, Arya, having odds of +2500 to be the first to die.

Entertainment Betting at Its Finest

So, who do you think will die first when the next season of Game of Thrones starts airing in 2019? With so many possibilities, it’s going to be difficult to choose, without a doubt.

Plus, it’s not quite as simple as most television shows. Deaths have been swift and fast in Game of Thrones, so you can never predict what will happen next, meaning that you could very well watch as Jon Snow dies for a second time during the opening credits of the show.


Betting Prediction

While I’m fairly sure that that won’t happen, anything is possible, right? That’s something else that makes Game of Thrones such a popular and entertaining television show to watch – the unpredictability of it all. That being said, you can be sure that MyBookie has you covered with these betting options featuring high-quality odds for you to benefit from. So, who will die first? Place your bets now!

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