Who doesn’t know the Kardashians? They are probably the most popular sisters in the world. Kris Jenner’s daughters by Robert Kardashian and Bruce Jenner (now known as Caitlyn Jenner) aren’t just known for their beauty but by their relationships with popular personalities in sports and show business. Among the many relationships of these girls were with NBA players.

Here are the NBA players who used to have a relationship with a Kardashian:

Basketball Kris Humphries

Kris Humphries was having a breakout season with the New Jersey Nets when his 72-day marriage to Kim Kardashian ended in 2011. Following rumors that Kim cheated with her current beau Kanye West. Kardashian claimed she married for love but also said that she thought everything went too fast for her. Meanwhile, Humphries later claimed that Kardashian married him to boost the rating of her reality TV show. Regardless of the reason, Kris Humphries’ career went on a tailspin after that. He spent the next four NBA seasons playing for five different teams. Humphries was last in the NBA in 2017.

Basketball Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom was one of the NBA’s best Sixth Man and won back to back titles with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2009 and 2010. In September 2009, Odom married Khloe Kardashian after just one month of dating. The pair had met in a party that was held for Lakers’ forward Ron Artest. During their marriage, Odom was a regular on the Kardashian’s reality TV show but when things turned sour between them, Odom’s life also began to crumble. He was traded to the Dallas Mavericks and his career went downhill. After the two splits, Odom got even worse as he nearly died of a drug overdose in 2015. While Odom is lucky to be alive, he is far from the player he once was in his prime.

Basketball James Harden

Before James Harden is the unstoppable offensive machine that he is today, the Beard once played alongside Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City. Imagine how good the Thunder would be right now had it kept all three? That’s another story. Harden ended up in Houston where he blossomed into a superstar. In 2015, Harden met Khloe Kardashian at one of Kanye West’s parties. The two hooked up and were a couple until February 2016. Harden helped Khloe get over the Lamar Odom near-death experience. Harden once said that the period he was with Khloe was the worst year of his life because of the unwanted and distracting attention he got from media. Since their breakup, Harden has taken off like a Rocket. He was last year’s MVP and is a top choice to win the award again this year.

Basketball Tristan Thompson

After the fallout of her relationship with James Harden, Khloe Kardashian rebounded with Cleveland Cavaliers center Tristan Thompson. At first, it looked as if the so-called “Kardashian Curse” was broken because Thompson from the Cavaliers defeated the Golden State Warriors to win their first ever NBA title in 2016. However, after missing just four games in five seasons from 2013-2017, Thompson played just a total of 96 out of a possible 164 games ( 68 games missed) in the previous two seasons. Thompson and Khloe have a daughter, True Thompson. But the pair split in February 2019 after Khloe found out that Tristan was cheating with Kendall Jenner’s best friend Jordyn Woods.

Basketball Blake Griffin

Detroit Pistons All-Star forward Blake Griffin had an under the radar relationship with Kendall Jenner. Kendall is a half-sister to the Kardashians with her mother being Kris Jenner and her father the former Bruce Jenner ( now known as Caitlyn). So Kendall was often seen at Clippers games and then soon they were seen in public together. Kendall went on the public to admit their relationship but like all Kardashian relationships, this one didn’t last either. In the middle of all these, Blake Griffin regressed because of injuries in Los Angeles. The Clippers ended up trading him to the Detroit Pistons. One of the reasons for their break-up was supposedly Griffin’s change of NBA home. Kendall is based in Los Angeles with all her modeling and show business work.

Basketball Ben Simmons

Kendall didn’t miss Blake Griffin at all. Almost immediately after the news of her split with Griffin was announced, she began dating Philadelphia 76ers guard Ben Simmons. According to reports, Simmons met Kendall in New York and the two crossed paths again in Los Angeles. Their meeting was due to common friends and after the two hit it off well, they have been constantly seen going out together. In February this year, Kendall admitted during an appearance at the Ellen DeGeneres Show that she and Ben are together. She has been a regular at the Sixers games and has been spotted sitting next to Simmons’ mom Julia on several instances. Simmons is having an excellent second season with the Philadelphia 76ers. His team is about to go to the next round of the playoffs. Will Ben break the Kardashian curse this time around? Too early to tell.

Ok, we’re done with the major players in the All-Kardashian team but along the way, these girls had some other relationships or flings with NBA players.

Basketball The All Kardashian Teams

For instance, Kendall was reportedly seeing Memphis Grizzlies forward Chandler Parsons when she was 18. Then in 2016, she was spotted several times going out with Cleveland Cavaliers guard Jordan Clarkson. Then there is Khloe who was also linked to Lamar Odom’s teammate Rick Fox. Before she married Odom, Khloe was in a relationship with former Minnesota Timberwolves guard Rashad McCants, who in 2017 blamed her for ruining his basketball career.

So now that we’ve completed the names, let’s complete our team. If there is such thing as an All-Kardashian team, this would be the line-up:

  • Center-Tristan Thompson
  • Power Forward-Blake Griffin
  • Small Forward-Lamar Odom
  • Shooting Guard-James Harden
  • Point Guard-Ben Simmons

The next thing you’ll notice is that some of the players on this line-up are retired. So let’s call this the All-time Kardashian team because if you want an All-Kardashian team that has current players, those girls can give that to you. Here’s the line-up:

  • Center: Tristan Thompson
  • Power Forward: Blake Griffin
  • Small Forward: Chandler Parsons
  • Shooting Guard: James Harden
  • Point Guard: Ben Simmons
  • Sixth man: Jordan Clarkson

Now that’s a starting five that can compete with at least half of the NBA’s teams. Imagine having Harden, Ben Simmons and Blake Griffin on one team ( or family?). Now if you’re a fan of the Big-3, the new three on three basketball league founded by rapper Ice Cube, the Kardashians can put up a team there as well. Take a look at this:

  • Kris Humphries – Forward/ Center
  • Lamar Odom – Forward
  • Rick Fox – Forward/Guard
  • Rashad McCants – Guard

Impressive really when you look at it. Not as much the lineup but the Kardashian girls who look like they are magnets to NBA players. Now that Khloe is single again (?) plus there’s a rumor that Ben and Kendall have split ( not sure?), I wonder who the next member of the All NBA Kardashian team will be.

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