A casino just wouldn’t be complete without rows of slot machines, would it? Modern slots come with impressive themes, high-quality graphics, and wonderful bonus features to keep you entertained. Being entertaining is one thing, but let’s face it, we play slots for a chance at the jackpots. You know what I’m talking about when you get 100 free spins, and you just watch the credits roll up and up and up!

But did you know that it is actually possible to make mistakes when playing slot games? That’s right, even though you’re just hitting a button, you might not be getting optimal play. Rather than continuing with sub-optimal play, wouldn’t it be better to learn what these mistakes are and what you can do to address them?

Here, we’re going to be look at some of the most common slot mistakes. Let’s turn your gameplay around so you’ll make fewer mistakes at the slot machine.

Mistake #1: Starting with Real Money

Most online casinos allow you to play their games with play money before you get into the real money action. You should definitely take advantage of this! Play money is an amazing thing. You still get all the lights, colors, and sounds, but you’re not risking anything.

Additionally, using play money can be a great way to learn all the intricacies of your chosen game. If you’re not sure how the bonuses work, using play money is an effective way of figuring it out.

Once you start craving that real money action, you can just switch over to the regular slots. Using play money is the way to go if you’re not in a risky mood, but you still want to feel the thrill of getting all your lines.

Mistake #2: Ignoring RTP Rates

Many players don’t research a slot game before starting to play it. That makes sense. Afterall, it’s tough to resist the allure of a slot machine featuring your favorite characters.

However, you should do your research before playing a new game, and you should definitely look at the return to player (RTP) rates. Some game developers provide this information on their website, while others do not. However, many slot review websites will feature a games RTP in their review.

Most people don’t pay attention to RTP rates, although it’s definitely something that you should keep in mind when deciding which game to play. If it has a lower-than-average RTP rate, you should probably avoid that game. Don’t ignore these rates! The higher the rate, the longer you can play. The longer you can play, the better your chances of winning the jackpot!

Mistake #3: Playing Too Many Games

It’s quite easy to be overwhelmed by new slot machines. They’re flashy, they have bright lights, appealing themes, and they incorporate masses of special features. Software developers purposely make games this way so they stand out and appeal to players.

However, this can also tempt you to start playing multiple slots at once. Getting carried away by the number of appealing slots on offer can be a huge downfall. In this respect, you’ll end up spinning reels and not knowing which ones you’ve won on and which you haven’t.

Instead of just loading up multiple games and betting on all of them, pick one or two and play each of them separately. This is especially important if you’re a newcomer to slot gaming. This will help you keep track of your money, so you don’t go in for a final spin and realize you’re out of credits.

Mistake #4: Always Making a Maximum Bet

Max bets are appealing. After all, most progressive jackpots only pay out on max bets. Everything about the game tells you to place the highest wager possible, but is that a good idea?

You should never bet more than you’re comfortable with. If you throw $20 in the slot machine and you’re playing at $5 per spin, you’ll need to get extremely lucky, or you’ll be out of money in 30 seconds. On the other hand, if you play $20 at $0.25 per spin, you can get hours of entertainment.

While you may be looking to land a big payout from a slot machine, make sure you figure out which games have the best outcomes first. Then you can access them and potentially place wagers that are a little higher because you stand better chances of winning.

Mistake #5: Trying to Get Even

We all know how frustrating it is to lose it all in just a few minutes. You know what I mean; those times when you lose again and again and again without even a tiny win to break things up. These times can, understandably, be frustrating. The most important thing in these situations is to keep calm. Frustration leads to poor betting decisions.

Many gamers will increase their bets to make up for losses in a slot game, but this can just lead you to losing even more. If you keep losing with higher bets, you’ve just doubled your losses, and now you’re even angrier.

If you ever feel like you’re getting frustrated, it’s time to quit. No good ever came from making rash decisions – especially where money is concerned. Keep in mind that you will definitely have spins that will result in losses. You may even lose your entire bankroll. This is all part of playing slot games. If your goal is to “get even,” the slot machine is going to take everything you have.

Final Words

Slot machines are fun. They’re colorful, they’re exciting, and the best ones keep us coming back for more. However, common slot mistakes might make us refill the machine more often than we’d like.

While all of these tips are important for enhancing your slots experience, the most important tip is to have fun.

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