Many say that the 2019 NFL Draft is going to be about defense but while I agree that the Top 3 picks will probably be defensive players, I believe that there is a strong possibility that the three top quarterback prospects are going to land in the Top 10 as well. The NFL Scouting Combine is up and many teams will change their minds and make u-turns but until then, this is how I think the Top 10 of the 2019 NFL draft is going to unfold.

Arizona Cardinals Logo1. Arizona Cardinals: Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio State

There are rumors that the Cardinals are taking Kyler Murray with the #1 overall pick either for themselves or in behalf of another team in a trade. But while it’s hard to pass up on a talent like Murray, it’s also undeniable that the top prospect of the draft in Nick Bosa who has the ability to take over games. Kliff Kingsbury has publicly stated that Josh Rosen has the “keys to the castle” so unless he was bluffing, the Cardinals will rebuild with Rosen on offense and Bosa on defense.

San Francisco 49ers Logo2. San Francisco 49ers: Josh Allen, DE/OLB, Kentucky

If the Cardinals take Murray for some reason, no question the 49ers are taking Nick Bosa with the 2nd overall pick. But if the Cards take Bosa, then the Niners are going with Josh Allen. Allen is probably the best pass rusher in the crop but that’s not his only strength. He can help the pass defense in coverage and more importantly, he is a dynamic playmaker. After recording 7 sacks in 2017, he returned for his senior season, added 15 pounds and was pretty much unblockable with 17 sacks.

New York Jets Logo3. New York Jets: Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama

One of the Jets’ need is a defensive tackle but with the two best ones already taken, Quinnen Williams is the next best pick available and he fits them best. Despite the arrival of 4-3 disciple Gregg Williams as their defensive coordinator, the Jets are reportedly sticking to the 3-4 defense. Quinnen Williams, a one-man wrecking crew who has the ability to create pressure up the middle.

Jacksonville Jaguars Logo4. Jacksonville Jaguars( from Oakland): Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma

Jon Gruden talked about “a lot of potential” in trading picks so don’t be surprised if the Raiders traded down for additional picks. That said, the Blake Bortles era is over. Bortles has already put up his beachfront Florida home for sale and while the Jaguars are said to be eyeing Nick Foles, they need to look to the future. The more we watch Kyler Murray, the more I think he is the future. No question, the Jaguars are taking Murray over Dwayne Haskins here.

Denver Broncos Logo5. Denver Broncos (from Tampa Bay): Drew Lock, QB, Missouri

Okay, what are the chances that quarterbacks will be picked back to back after a pair of teams decided to trade up? I’m not sure. But the Broncos need a quarterback and John Elway isn’t shy about his fondness for Drew Lock. Personally, I like Dwayne Haskins better but Elway decides on this and not me so after a long line that includes Brock Osweiler, Paxton Lynch and Case Keenum, the Broncos know that their future starts at the quarterback position. Elway gets his way and his man after trading away extra picks.

New York Giants Logo6. New York Giants: Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State

The Giants need to fill the void in a lot of positions including quarterback, linebacker, offensive tackle and safety but as I said earlier, everything begins with the man playing behind center. And with a 38-year old Eli Manning as their current starter, the Giants surely need an upgrade here. With Kyler Murray already taken, no question Haskins is next in line. In fact, Haskins is probably the best quarterback prospect in the draft. It’s just Murray is more versatile and Lock is Elway’s personal choice.

Oakland Raiders Logo7. Oakland Raiders (from Jacksonville): Devin White, LB, LSU

So after trading down and getting a couple more picks, the Raiders still get a player they probably would have picked anyway at #4 or at least strongly considered at that spot. Devin White is one of the most dynamic players in the draft and he would not only strengthen the middle of the defense but he should be a difference-maker on that end for the Raiders.

Detroit Lions8. Detroit Lions: Ed Oliver, DT, Houston

Matt Patricia needs a game changer on his defensive line and Ed Oliver may be the man he needs. Oliver has been a Top-5 prospect but in recent mock drafts, his stock has fallen and as we charted here, he is available for the Lions at #8. Oliver is a versatile playmaker whose explosiveness is off the charts. He’s been compared to Aaron Donald although his pass rush is a little raw compared to Donald’s. But yeah, the Lions are picking him over Michigan’s Rashan Gary.

Buffalo Bills Logo9. Buffalo Bills: Geedy Williams, CB, LSU

Offensive line may be a bigger need but the prospect of pairing the draft’s top cornerback prospect with Tre’Davious White gives this pick a lot of value. Starting across White on defense would make it interesting for the Bills especially since both White and Geedy Williams played out of LSU. But this pick’s more than that school thing because while Williams isn’t as physical, he surely knows how to break up passes.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Logo10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jonah Williams, OT, Alabama

The Bucs would have loved to see Ed Oliver available here but Jonah Williams fills up a more important void for the team. He is an upgrade compared to current right tackle Demar Dotson who isn’t getting any younger or healthier. If not, he will be an insurance policy and the long-term solution at left tackle if Donovan Smith doesn’t get an extension.

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