Now that we’ve given you a pretty complete overview of the best teams attending 2019 Worlds, we are going to dig down into the five best teams in attendance to give a better sense of how the tournament might shake out. With a format as extensive as Worlds has, it can be assumed that the best will rise to the top. This means having a thorough understanding of these five teams will be integral to anyone interested in League of Legends betting.

First up is the number one seed from Europe, G2. They have about as close to a flawless record as you’ll see in LoL, dropping just three games in the Summer split. Jankos is poised to take home some end of the year awards, and so far no one has been able to stop the European power house from dominating the competition.

They won both splits this year, with the best record in the LEC both times. In fact, they dropped just four games total in both playoff brackets, all four to Fnatic in back to back best of fives, which they won.

  • Record: 23-9
  • Win %: 72%
  • GPM: 1968
  • DPM: 2185
  • Average Game Duration: 28:08

“Trophy" G2 Team Members

Top – Wunder

Wunder is one of the longstanding members of the team, having been added alongside Jankos in 2017. He’s a 20-year-old top laner, perhaps most famous for his Kled play. He averages a 71.4% win rate on the hero, with a KDA of 4.9, which is a notch above his average of 4.0.

Of course, both of those are blown out of the water by his stats on Neeko. A 100% win rate, along with a KDA of 13.7 are the stuff of legends, albeit over only three games.

His early game CS is excellent, where he leads the opposing top laner in CS 71.9% of the time. In fact, he’s positive in every early game statistic, a +10.4 CS differential, +209 gold, and +96 XP at the 15 minute mark. Unfortunately, he isn’t always able to convert that advantage into a first blood, as he participates in first blood just 15.6% of the time, falling victim to the opponent 12.5% of the time.

Jungle – Jankos

It isn’t a stretch to say Jankos has been one of the best players in the world this year. He’s had maybe the best split for a jungler in the EU, and he has the stats to prove it. While he will have to go up against a whole other caliber of junglers at Worlds, if anyone has it in them to take it up a level it’s him.

His Sejuani has a 71.4% win rate and a KDA of 8.1 over seven games, which is obviously excellent. His second most played is Jarvan IV, five games played, 100% win rate, 10.1 KDA. Wow. Expect to see opposing teams burning their bans on obsoleting Jankos as much as they can.

While his early game differentials aren’t as staggering as Wunder’s, his ability to convert small advantages into early leads for his team is far more impressive. He participates in 34.4% of first bloods, falling victim just 6.3% of the time.

Mid – Caps

Caps is one of two additions that came in November of last year. He’s one of the most versatile players we’ve looked at so far, with 14 heroes played in the Summer split alone. Of those 14 heroes, one has gone winless, two are at 50% win rate or lower, and the rest are above 60%.

His early game is less impressive than both Wunder and Jankos, but he makes up for that with low deaths. He participates in almost 55% of his team’s kills, and plays a big role both in and out of the server for G2.

ADC – Perkz

Perkz is the longest standing member of G2, which longtime fans of League of Legends betting will know. He’s perhaps most famous for bringing G2 to the playoffs every year he’s been on the roster, without ever earning a spot in the Grand Finals. This year he’s hoping to change that.

Perkz relies heavily on the top of his champion pool. His top three played heroes have seven, five and four games played and 71.4%, 40%, and 100% win rates respectively. At this point in his career, he’s almost more valuable as the heart and soul of a playoff team, especially one with as much talent as G2.

Support – Mikyx

Mikyx is one of the supports in the game. His 64% kill participation should say that on its own, but coupled with the rest of his stats, it’s undeniable. He was the other addition late last year, being added to the team alongside Caps to round out the roster after another playoff disappointment. Another 20-year-old, he lacks a ton of Tier One experience, with just a handful of 2nd and3rd all pro team selections to his name until he joined G2.

“Trophy" Conclusion

G2 are favorites for a reason. While yes, they do have some of the best firepower in League right now, they also have some of the best talent top to bottom. There is no obvious weak link on G2, which you can see through their consistency. 13-5 in the Spring Split, 15-3 in the Summer Split, these guys just haven’t lost. While Fnatic especially has given them some problems, I don’t see a ton of upset potential for the European powerhouse.

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