Zorro is the masked, fictional character created back in 1919 by writer Johnston McCulley. Generally speaking, the works surrounding Zorro have been set in the Pueblo of Los Angeles when Spanish California was an entity between 1769 and 1821. Usually, he ends up defending the common people and indigenous inhabitants of the area against corrupt officials and other assorted villains. Such was the popularity of Zorro, that it became a television series and also spawned one or two movies about the hero. Not only that, but one or two video slot games have been created around the character too, including this one from Aristocrat.

You’ll find that with this being one of the earlier works created by the developer, that it doesn’t feature such high-quality graphics. The imagery is fine overall, but it doesn’t really stand out so well against many other online slots. Yet, the theme shines through this and you’ll obviously get the idea that this is a slot about Zorro. So, if you’re a fan of the character or of hero-themed slots, perhaps you’ll have fun with this Aristocrat offering. Let’s see what else it provides, shall we?